Director(s): Maria Novaro
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish w/ English subtitles
Live Action | 2017 | 96 min
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

New England Premiere

TESOROS (Spanish for “treasures”) is the wonderful new film by director Maria Novaro (DANZON). Refreshingly told from the children’s perspective, it examines topics from fanciful ideas about finding treasure and exploring new places to social anxiety and fitting in, and is a charming window into the heart of a child’s world.

The action kicks off when a family moves to a small town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast and find it hard to assimilate because  they are different from the rest of the community. They are not excited about the new place or the new school, but siblings Dylan and Andrea join the local school and slowly settle in, making new friends. Soon, Dylan notices his new city has an uncanny resemblance to a treasure map and daydreams about finding treasure left behind by Sir Francis Drake. He convinces the entire class that treasure is underfoot, and gets everyone to participate in the search.

The slow days of living by the coast, loving families and burgeoning friendships between the children are the real story here.There are many vignettes of children with their kin, all different, showcasing the many configurations of loving families, and many scenes illustrating the peaceful Mexican lifestyle.

Novaro elicits relaxed and natural acting from the children. Some of the older protagonists are in their teens, yet the audience feels part of their group, as if you knew them. The overall tone is reminiscent of one’s own childhood, with some dull moments idly passing by, including those grueling days at school, contrasted by very exciting times with friends, running around and chasing after…something. TESOROS takes us on an enchanting voyage that ends with a find far more precious than a lost pirate’s treasure trove.

• Nominated for Berlin International Film Festival “Generation Kplus - Best Film” 2017

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