PCFF inspires a new generation of storytellers, filmmakers, critical thinkers, and community leaders through a variety of activities:


Each year PCFF offers children (and their parents) opportunities to learn firsthand technical skills used in filmmaking.

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PCFF is committed to nurturing the work of young filmmakers and so is proud to present a program of films all made by youth—from around the world—and to provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to talk about both the fun and the challenges they face during the post film Q&A and discussion.

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JUNIOR FILM JURY – learns how to analyze and critique films

The PCFF Jury is comprised of both adults and children. At PCFF, youth have a voice from beginning to end in the selection of films. PCFF’s Junior Jury is composed of young film enthusiasts from age 5 to 17.

At most children’s film festivals children only serve on award juries. But PCFF’s Junior Jury gives children a unique opportunity and responsibility: working alongside an adult committee to select the final festival program from among hundreds of films that are submitted each year for consideration.

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FILM TALKS – enriching post-film presentations and conversations