meet the team


Rachel Colaiace | managing director

Rachel comes to Providence Children’s Film Festival with nearly twenty years of event and fundraising experience, with an emphasis on family and community programming orchestrated to engage a diverse population in communal activities and causes. 

Her personal interest in movie-making, festival planning and educational programing stems from a life-long belief in cinemas ability to bring a worldly assortment of experiences and emotions to individuals in easily accessible way. She believes this medium is especially powerful among youth and adolescents and is eager to work alongside the PCFF staff and volunteers to engage a growing number of movie enthusiasts in the workings (and playings) of Providence Children’s Festival.  

Rachel lives in Providence with her husband, two children and three rescue dogs, each of whom think they have what it takes to make it big on the big screen! 

Eric Bilodeau | director of programming

Raised in Rhode Island’s family theater business, Eric Bilodeau has programmed cinematic venues for over thirty years. His experience spans the film exhibition horizon, including advising and booking for multi-screen commercial cinemas, small art house theaters, a multitude of international film festivals and programming his own traveling pop-up, Cricket Cinema. Running Providence’s beloved Cable Car Cinema for 18 years also sharpened his skills in a broad range of film genres. After selling the Cable Car, Eric was the director of programming for the Newport International Film Festival until joining the Providence Children’s Film Festival in 2010. Eric is also the children’s film programmer for the The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival and a festival advisor for the International Kids Film Festival of India.

supporting cast

Kristin Walcott | volunteer + special events coordinator

Elizabeth “Zim” Zimmermann | art + design work

Mike and Beth Bell | video production

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embee studio

Jake Camara | web development

John Barnett and Isolde Maher | festival branding (2010-2016)