Bizarro (PCFF Shorts Collection)

Director(s): Multiple Directors
Country: Multi-national
Language: In English or w/English subtitles
Multiple Film Types | 2016, 2017 | 82 min
Recommended for ages 13+ (Parental Guidance: one violent scene, threatening situations)

There are some films you finish watching and your only response is, “What was THAT?! Let’s watch it again!” Those films are BIZARRO. There will be dancing mole rats, fish singing lamentable tunes, a zombie family with a nosebleed problem, a diving platform where people can’t make up their minds, and MORE! These unusual stories are sure to inspire!

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

The Burden
When boredom, loneliness and existential anxiety are wrapped into a Hollywood style musical you get a film you will never forget.
Sweden, 2017 / Swedish w/English subtitles / Niki Lindroth von Bahr / 14 min / Animation

The Aeronauts
When life is difficult and don’t know why, start asking questions. It changed the life for these otherworldly creatures.
Mexico, 2016 / Spanish w/English subtitles / León Fernández / 16 min / Animation

Not One Of Us
NOT ONE OF US is an ominous warning about the perils of building walls in the name of greed, hegemony, and xenophobia.
USA, 2017 / English / Bill Jarcho / 9 min / Animation

The Inksect
In a dystopian future where books are banned and confiscated, an underground sect of intellectual creatures seeks books, in order to save humanity from morphing into illiterate cockroaches.
Mexico, 2016 / English / Pablo Calvillo / 10 min / Animation

It’s a normal day in a communal apartment. Someone is reading, someone else ironing. A child runs down a corridor. But then suddenly the room quakes; everything changes and life is turned upside down.
Germany, 2016 / non dialog / Xenia Smirnov / 4 min / Animation

On a train trip through spatial and temporal dimensions the traveller suddenly comes across himself. #cat
Switzerland, 2016 / non dialog / Fela Bellotto, Etienne Kompis / 3 min / Animation

Zara and the Others: Gorilla Brains For Dinner
A family of nose bleeders living out of a camper invites a new friend over for dinner. Guess what is served?!
Norway, 2017 / Norwegian w/English subtitles / Nils Johan Lund, Bjørn Sortland / 7 min / Animation

Ten Meter Tower (Hopptornet)
Ten meters may not look high from the ground, but for people standing on the platform looking down it can lead to many interesting reactions. Who jumps and who doesn’t will surprise you.
Sweden, 2017 / Swedish w/English subtitles / Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertryck / 16 min / Documentary