Release your inner critic!

Open minds are mandatory!

The Providence Children’s Film Festival is a COMMUNITY film festival. Having people from the community to help select films is a no-brainah! We are now opening our jury pool for veterans to rejoin and for new members to dive in. Your voice matters when it comes to helping us select which films will be invited to our annual festival. All ages are welcome! Kids are the most valued of our jurors since they are the reason we do what we do!

What does it take to be a juror?

– You SIGN UP HERE! (If you are 17 years of age or younger you need to get your parents permission.)

– Once you are signed up you will become have access to our on-line screening room. Age appropriate films will be sent to you to watch and score. You watch and score as many as you can whenever you feel like it. If it ever feels like homework then you need to take a break.  🙂

– This fall we have two in-person Community Film Jury Nights that you will be invited to attend. Nothing mandatory about it. However, it’s a great time to meet other film jurors, watch film submissions, nosh on some pizza and share your thoughts after each film. The most overheard question of the night is usually “Did we just watch the same film?” Hah!

– The jurors who demonstrate a passion for watching film/scoring films will be invited to be part of our Awards Jury in February that selects many of the winners in February. A little resume’ enhancement never hurts!