The Witch Hunters (Zlogonje)

Director(s): Rasko Miljkovic
Country: Macedonia, Serbia
Language: Serbian (w/English subtitles)
Live Action | 2018 | 86 min
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: strong derogatory language, bullying, divorce, suspenseful moments)

Rhode Island Premiere

Ten-year-old Jovan has had cerebral palsy for as long as he can remember. His condition shapes his everyday life and makes him feel invisible to others – particularly his parents and classmates. In the world of his imagination, however, he is free to be who he wants and possesses incredible superpowers.

Jovan’s (extra)ordinary existence is suddenly disrupted by a new classmate. Bit by bit, brave and determined Milica tears down the wall Jovan has built around himself and invites him to join her on a real-life adventure to liberate her father from his new wife, whom Milica believes is a witch.

The quest offers Jovan a reality beyond anything he could have imagined, but to become a true hero Jovan must first accept himself for who he is.

2019 Sundance Festival film selection
Rio de Janeiro IFF 2018 – Mostra Geração Best Film
Kids Film Festival (Poland) 2018 – European Children’s Film Association Award
Montenegro Film Festival 2018 – Audience Choice Award
Prishtina IFF (Kosovo) 2018 – The Best Actress Award
Ale Kino! International Young Audience Film Festival (Poland) 2018 – Debut Film Award

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