The Breadwinner

Director(s): Nora Twomey
Country: Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg
Language: In English
Animation | 2017 | 93 min
Genre: Animation, Drama, Family, War
Recommended for ages 13+ (Parental Guidance: random acts of violence, graphic beatings, tense moments)

From executive producer Angelina Jolie and the creators of the Academy Award®-nominated THE SECRET OF KELLS and SONG OF THE SEA, comes a highly-anticipated new film based on Deborah Ellis’ best-selling novel. Director Nora Twomey’s animation magnificently conveys the extraordinary story of 11-year-old Afghan girl Parvana, born into an ever-changing world of conflict and oppression, who finds strength in the love of her family and the power of storytelling.

In Taliban-controlled Kabul, women and girls are not permitted to leave the house unescorted, to earn money, or to shop for food and supplies in the market. When Parvana’s father, a teacher, is unfairly imprisoned, she must disguise herself as a boy to become her family’s sole breadwinner. Showing courage and perseverance, Parvana does anything she can to support her family, while trying desperately to help free her father.

THE BREADWINNER is fundamentally about family, friendship, and imagination. With a team of over 200 artists, animators, and actors from around the world, Twomey has created an innovative mix of 2-D animation with acrylic and digitally painted environments, as well as digital paper cut–out segments, all woven into an unforgettable story.

This is not just an incredibly important film, but one that reminds us of the power of animation to communicate serious issues in the world. It will surely be a strong contender for a “Best Animated Feature” Academy Award nomination.

• Toronto Film Critics Association Awards “Best Animated Feature” 2017
• Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards “Best Animated Feature” 2017
• Leeds International Film Festival “Audience Choice Award” 2017
• Nominated for Golden Globe “Best Motion Picture: Animated” 2017
• Nominated by 38 other international film awards

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