Finding Your Voice 2019 (PCFF Shorts Collection)

Director(s): Multiple
Country: Australia, Ireland, United States
Language: In English or w/English subtitles
Multiple Film Types | 2015-2018 | 71 min
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: lewd gesture, curse word)

For most people it takes time to feel confident in who they are or what they do well. These four eclectic films share stories of people, young and old, practicing and refining activities they love in order to sharpen or share their “voice”. This reel includes a documentary about a local balloon sculptor, a piano-playing prodigy who’s looking to learn more from a master, and a young actress who should never audition for sad roles.

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl
This is a film about 12-year-old girls, made by 12-year-old girls, for 12-year-old girls or anyone who has been a 12-year-old girl or will be a 12-year-old girl or wishes they were a 12-year-old girl. This inquisitive cross between a documentary and a theatre piece was created by Tilda Cobham-Hervey and twelve 12-year-old girls, where real girls articulate what they hope for, what they remember and what it feels like to be 12. Performing themselves in a filmed field guide, together these specimens investigate their own species.
Australia, 2017 / English / Tilda Hervey / 20 min / Live Action

Ung-bi is a child actress auditioning for roles that require her to cry. How do you make yourself cry on command? The answer is more difficult than she thought.
Korea, 2018 / in Korean w/English subtitles / KIM Seul-ki / 21 min / Live Action

Janice Lee Kelly: Balloon Sculptor
Janice Lee Kelly has combined her love of sculpture, color and malleability of balloons to create a series of sculptures that take your breath away. And she lives right here in Rhode Island!
USA, 2015 / English / Carla Ricci / 6 min / Documentary

A young boy begins to suspect his new neighbor is not who he claims to be. Playing his piano provides him some “key” evidence to figure out who this man is.
Ireland, 2018 / English / Naomi Sheridan / 25 min / Live Action