Kids and the art of filmmaking…

We are pleased to share the collective work of over 50 kids from our 2014 February Filmmaking Workshops at RISD!


2014 PCFF Filmmaking Workshops

From the beginning, our mission has been to inspire and nurture the work of young filmmakers. We believe there is more to film than just watching movies: we want to help kids learn the craft of filmmaking and give them the tools and opportunity to talk about their experiences.

At the 2014 Festival, we hosted the first Youth Filmmaking Show, screening the reel (see above) along with a juried group of finished films made by children. The up-and-coming artists hailed from as far away as Australia to as near as our own backyard. After the screening we invited some of the youth filmmakers and the actors to share their experiences in making their movies.

Thanks Brown Daily Herald for covering the event. Read it here.