Get Reel! Short Film Collections

To animate means “to bring to life,” and these films show us there is no limit to the variety of materials filmmakers use to create the illusion of bringing something to life! You’ll see many creative ways artists tell their stories in this fascinating shorts collection. From stop-motion to claymation, hand-drawn and computer-generated characters, all of these styles and stories expand our understanding and captivate our imagination. You and your students will love learning how animated films are put together and how you can try your own hands at it!

This special collection of independent, international short films explores the power of nature and place. Our physical environment, whether intimate neighborhoods or the much, much bigger world of nature around us, encompasses the places that protect, inspire and challenge us. These films show that our world is richly infused with opportunities for discovery and revelation. Enjoy lively discussions, vote for an audience favorite and take home a guide to extend learning beyond the screen.

BE STRONG. BE KIND. (Grades K-5 or Grades 6-12)
It can take great courage to stand up for what you believe or be an ally for those in need. One may be reluctant to be open to things that are new or even alien to our experience, yet in this increasingly complex and interconnected world we recognize how very important both strength and kindness are. In this collection of shorts, the characters reveal their bravery and generosity of spirit, inspiring audiences to examine their lives and perhaps to take action.

MORE THAN A SELFIE (Grades 6-12)
The quest to discover and express our true selves is a universal journey that has captured the imagination of artists for centuries. Our age-specific film reels illustrate how the characters come to understand and embrace who they are and what they believe. After group discussion and a vote for short film favorite, groups will leave with film guides (with discussion questions, writing prompts and creative project suggestions) to support further inquiry into the stories of the characters and our own identities.

Language & culture feature films are also available upon request.