Youth Filmmaker Showcase 2019 (vol. 2)

Director(s): Multiple
Country: Multi-national
Language: In English or w/English subtitles
Youth Filmmaker | 2018 |
Recommended for all ages

Join us for our 6th Annual Youth Filmmakers Showcase. This juried collection of youth (ages 5-17) produced animation, live action, experimental and documentary films celebrates their creative vision with stories from around the world. Juried by our Director of Programming and community jury members. 

Films invited to this show come from a wide range of countries including Croatia (JUMP IS MY WEAPON), Russia (THE DOG’S STORY) and Canada (LILLY GOES FISHING). Of course the US is well represented with films from Charlottesville, VA (MARGO); Jacksonville, FL (ASTRONAUT STARBRIGHT) and Chicago, IL (MR. ORANGE AND BABY SNOT). Not to be outdone by other parts of the country, New England filmmakers from Lincoln, MA and Lynn, MA bring us IGNORE THEM, MY BLACK IS….  And from our own “cooler and warmer” state we have films from Woonsocket (BRILLIANT MOTION, HOME AWAY FROM HOME), Barrington (DESPERATE, ANYTHING HELPS!) and Providence (ABOUT ME). The film styles in this show are quite eclectic, ranging from multiple forms of animation, short narrative fictions, documentaries, and even an experimental film. Be warned! After watching this reel you might find beekeeping appealing…or want to study on how to become an astronaut…or perhaps fall in love with a cello!

• 3:00pm: Live music: You Rock School of Music “Select” Band
• 3:30pm: Film screening followed by Q & A with filmmakers and RISD Art Circle

Film lineup is subject to change without notice. 

What are memories? How do we retain them as we age––and what might possibly go wrong?
Japan, 2018 / Japanese (w/English subtitles) / Mew Kano (age 16), Chihiro Kaijo (age 16), Maya Lowery (age 16) and Aria Kanazawa (age 16) of Gunma Kokusai Academy – Ota City, Gunma, Japan / 10 min / Documentary

Brilliant Motion
A young artist shows us the world around her as she deals with chronic pain and anxiety.
USA, 2018 / no dialogue / Lily Bleyer of Beacon High School – Woonsocket, RI / 5 min / Experimental

Desperate, Anything Helps!
A woman desperate for the attention of a young man becomes determined to find ways to be noticed.
USA, 2018 / English / Haley Pine (age 15) of Barrington High School – Barrington, RI / 4 min / Live Action

Home Away From Home
A young girl celebrates her love for horses, whose care and nurturing for has given her a strong sense of self and belonging.
USA, 2018 / English / Haley Omar of Beacon High School – Woonsocket, RI / 5 min / Documentary

Jump is My Weapon
Students made this short experimental film on 16mm stock, adding a lot of physical interventions on film. They filmed during five workshop days, then developed and edited it together with a mentor.
Croatia, 2017 / no dialog / Dan Polimac (age 13), Grgur Belić (age 12), Tarin Filipec (age 14), Anika Borko (age 14), Vilim Winter (age 12) of Frooom Filmska Radionica – Zagreb, Croatia / 3 min / Experimental

Lilly Goes Fishing
Lilly, a giant orange monster, embarks on an adventure at a lakeside fishing camp with her friend, Fluffle. Will Lilly discover the mysterious secret lurking below the surface of the lake?
Canada, 2017 / English / Maezy (age 15), Medina (Age 14), Zaiyah (age 11), Berlin (age 15), Ocean (age 12), Sol (age 8) – Calgary, Canada / 8 min / Animation

My Black Is…
Young women of color set out to redefine what black is to them.
USA, 2018 / English / Migual Valdez (age 17), Eunice Beato (age 17) of RAW Art Works – Lynn, MA / 6 min / Experimental-Documentary

Sweet Childhood
Yi-jia shares a fondness for bees with his grandfather, a beekeeper for over 40 years. He takes a trip with two classmates so they too can experience the hard work and joy of beekeeping and explore the world of bees.
Taiwan, 2018 / Mandarin Chinese (w/English subtitles) / Yi-Jia Lee (age 10), Bao-Ying Huang (age 11), Lai Ying-Hsuan (age 10) of Public Service Television Foundation – Taipei, Taiwan / 7 min / Documentary

Astronaut Starbright
Taylor Richardson (Astronaut Starbright), is a young girl of color who aspires to be an astronaut when she grows up. She advocates for girls of color interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) by bringing as much black girl representation as possible, whether that be through herself, in a movie, or in books.
USA, 2018 / English / Lana Taylor (age 14) of Jacksonville, FL / 12 min / Documentary

Ignore Them
After being yelled at by all of the adults in his life, Carter is comforted by his brother.
USA, 2018 / English / Enzo Goodrich (age 16) of Lincoln, MA / 1 min / Live Action

A young man stuck in a mundane job daydreams of a woman named Margo.
USA, 2018 / English / Amelia Maxham, Libby Slaughter, Ben Clark, Summers Worthington, Johnny Krosby-Groner, Jhael J. Rasheed, Victoria Stiefvater, Conrad Heins, Nicholas Tennery, Jago Gould (ages 12 thru 16) of Light House Studio – Charlottesville, VA / 4 min / Animation

Mr. Orange and Baby Snot
“This year has been really tough for my asthma so that I missed 11 days from school and had a few hospital visits. I wanted to make a comedy about my asthma so that I can laugh away my health problem and grow stronger,” says Director Kana Hutchens.
USA, 2018 / no dialog / Kana Hutchens (age 11) of Chicago, IL / 2 min / Animation

Parker Bubblegum
Parker Bubblegum, a half Korean, homeschooled girl and her cousin three times removed, North Havenhurst, live in the tiny town of Parkerville, USA.
USA, 2018 / English / Marlowe Peyton (age 14) of Santa Clarita, CA / 2 min / Animation

The Dog’s Story
All the dogs in this city believe that a magic bone will help them. The nomadic cats lead by Khan Catirius attack the prosperous dog city. There is one character, Doggie Bob, who uses feline greed and rudeness to his advantage to defeat the invaders!
Russia, 2018 / English / Arkhip Varfolomeev (age 12) of St. Petersburg, Russia / 8 min / Animation

The Squirrel
“I like squirrels a lot. They are clever, a bit greedy, energetic and resourceful. The problem of squirrels stealing from feeders is pretty universal, so I thought this film would be easy to relate to,” explains Director Felix Hass.
USA, 2018 / English / Felix Hass (age 13) of Greenbelt, MD / 1 min / Animation

It’s About Me
It’s a love story between a boy and his…cello?!
USA, 2018 / no dialog / Kechao Wu (age 17) of Providence, RI / 4 min / Live Action