Youth Filmmaker Show!

Director(s): Multiple Directors
Country: Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain, United States
Language: In English or w/English subtitles
Multiple Film Types | 2021, 2022, 2023 |
Recommended for ages Recommended for all ages

BAD DAY FOR TOMAS – Chef Tom loves his job, but he doesn’t like to rush. In his haste, Tom didn’t notice that he had been handed the wrong ingredient. A client was poisoned and a fired Tom was attacked by a cat on his way home (2021 / 2.5 min / Lithuania / dir. Ugnė Gintaraitė 8 yrs / in Lithuanian)

LEGEND OF VELEBABA (Legenda o Velebabi)– Legend of Velebaba tells a story from the southern region of Slovenia, Bela Krajina, how the hill Kučar was made. (2022 / 2.5 min / Slovenia / dir. Nika Pečarič, Nika Črnugelj, Lara Oberman, Lucija Kostelec, Janin Pirkovič, Lana Išpanov, Manca Mihelčič ages 9-11 / Slovenian)

METAMORPHOSIS – Metamorphosis is a metaphor for the challenges everyone experiences during adolescence… FROG wants to be stronger, AXOLOTL doesn’t want to grow up, LADYBUG is going through “phases” and CATERPILLAR wants things to move more quickly. ( 2023 / 2 min / USA / dir. Bryn Wright 12 yrs / English)

THE RAIN – In the springtime rain washes away the winter frost and releases intoxicating scents of the reborn nature. Each drop has its own character. If you look closely, the raindrop falls and bounds back as a vase, an antique column, a flower, heart or a crown. Rainfall in spring reminds us of Woodstock. A group of students from the Grigiškės School of Art animated their vision of rain right after the pandemic. (2021 / 3.5 mins / Lithuania / dir Group of Grigiskes art school students)

BEGINNING- How Mr. Beginning found his End (2021/ 2 min / Slovenia / dir. Jelena Dragutinović, Janja Kosi ages 9-11 / Slovenian)

ORDINARY AND NOT AT ALL MAGICAL BOOK…- Be careful of the books you choose. Even completely ordinary ones can take you for an unexpected adventure (2022 / 2.5 min / Slovenia / dir. Ana Drenik, Jona Kelenc, Lucija Majhen, Ažbe Kelenc, Lia Paternoster, Žiga Resman, Nik Grčar ages 9-11 / Slovenian)

THE RUNDOWN – Distressed about what unknowns await him in the wackiness that is Middle School, Isaac looks to his older (and cooler) brother for “The Rundown.” (2022 / 4.5 mins / USA / dir Rhett Drennen 14 yrs / in English)

SAVITRI – One girl’s quest to find an equal becomes a journey beyond the grave. A witty and slightly irreverent retelling of myth from India by the 4th and 5th grade students of Crestwood Elementary in Madison, WI, USA. (2023 / 10 min / USA / dir. Crestwood 4th & 5th Graders / English)

LATE NIGHT EDIT – An exhausted editor is up late at night, working on a film. However, when even his red bull fails to keep him awake, the footage in his editing software begins to move on its own. (2023 / 4.5 mins / USA / dir. Kyle M. Wegler 17 yrs)

TERRIBLY BORING GRANDMOTHER- A little peace, that’s all that our little garden gnome wants. But having a cranky grandmother as an owner is not ideal.  (2023 / 2.5 min / Slovenia / dir. Group Project ages 9-11 / English)

THE ROCK POOL WALTZ – The Rock Pool Waltz is about my experience during the first COVID Lockdown. We were all disconnected from our friends and families, it was a strange time, so daily visits to our local rock pools helped to ease my worries and loneliness. And this led me to an amazing 5 month long friendship with a very cheeky octopus! (2021 / 8 mins / Australia / dir. Marlon Denning 14 yrs)

A CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK- The adaptation of a fictitious children’s picture book about a possum and a boy’s shared fate and pathways. (2023 / 7.5 min / USA / dir. Maccabee Louis Cohen 14 yrs old / in English)

HERE IT IS – A short travel film highlighting the sights, sounds, and my adventures across America. We road-tripped over 3,000 miles from California to Connecticut while stopping at Amarillo, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Gettysburg along the way. The stories each place told reminded me that although I’m 14 years into my life, there is still so much of the world I have yet to see. (2023 / 3 mins / USA / dir Sacha Reyes 14 yrs)

ALPHABET SOUP- A teenage boy goes on a journey from apathy to empathy regarding his sister’s depression. ( 2023 / 10 min/ USA / dirs. Nico Eagan 17 yrs, James Lee 17 yrs, Jack Quintana 16 yrs, Gabe Phillips 17 yrs / in English)

FRIENDS (Amigas) – You never know where you’re going to find a true friend. (2022 / 5 min / Spain / dir. Diana Gimeno 14 yrs / in Spanish w/English subtitles)