Youth Filmmaker Show (Vol. 2)

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Youth Filmmaker Show (Feb 23rd RISD Auditorium)

Hold My Hand
Hold My Hand is a character study about loneliness at sleepaway camp. The film has no dialogue and is made out of only visual moments. It is an honest character based movie about being homesick, a feeling that everyone possesses.
USA, 2019 / in English / Eli Berliner (age 15) of Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY / 4.5 min / Narrative short

At the Barn
A young girl relates how her experiences with farm animals and the 4H have impacted her life.
USA, 2019 / In English / Maia Young-Ondrasek (age 16?) of of Beacon Charter High School for the Arts – Woonsocket, RI / 5.5 min / Documentary

Double Vida
Two countries, one teen and her journey discovering that home does not need to be a place.
USA, 2019 / In English and Spanish (w/English subtitles) / Sharleny Gonzalez (age 15?) of Real to Reel Film School – Lynn, MA / 2 min / Documentary

Ceci N’est Toujours Pas Une Pipe (Ceci N’est Toujours Pas Une Pipe)
There is excitement in the museum as an artist gets ready to present his ultimate work… with a desire of vengeance…
Belgium, 2019 / In French (w/English subtitles) / Twelve kids ages 15-17 of Camera-Etc Film School – Liege, Belgium / 7 min / Animation

How to Make a Movie
The title says it all. Just ask Google!
USA, 2019 / no dialogue / Gabe Schmidt (age 17) of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy – Cincinnati, OH / 5 min / Documentary-ish

Sadie, an OREO-loving teenager, discovers the OREO company is going out of business. With a time travel device will Sadie succeed to find more Oreos from her past before it’s too late?
USA, 2019 / In English / Alex Michaud (age 17) of Wheeler School – Providence, RI / 5 min / Narrative short

A short about an alien star who feels like they don’t fit in because they are different, but to a sick little girl on earth, the alien star has made a huge impact.
USA, 2019 / in English / Innocense Gumbs (age 16?) of The Met School – Providence, RI / 2 min / Animated short

Comfortable Position
When a person falls asleep they are immersed in another reality where anything can happen to them. When a person wakes they don’t remember much. As if they did not exist while sleeping … What do you feel when you are asleep?
Uzbekistan, 2019 / In English / (ages 8-12) of DRF Children Animation Studio – Tashkent, Uzbekistan / 4 min / Animated-Experimental

Hannah Potter and the Magic Closet
Hannah Potter lives with her abusive uncle and aunt but that all changes the day she discovers a chest inside a magic closet.
USA, 2019 / in English / Iria Perez-Tenessa (age 9) of The Overlake School – Bellevue, WA / 6.5 min / Narrative short

Squirrel Hacker
A high-tech squirrel runs surveillance on neighborhood bird feeders.
USA, 2019 / in English / Felix Hass (age 13) Greenbelt Middle School – Greenbelt, MD / 1 min / Animated short

Lac-note Intolerant
A zombie musical erupts when going for a milk run.
USA, 2019 / in English / Nathaniel “Bertie” Sackson (16), Ana Burman (14), Chantrea Anderson (17), Emma Kaufman-Horner (14), Mallory Greene (15), Max Mongosso (17), Omara English (16), Sidney Musselman (15), Ian Phillips (17),Yutong Dai (12), Ouyang Xuanjie (14), Bryan Guzman (17), Sarah Apple (16) of Light House Studio – Charlottesville, VA / 7 min / Narrative short

The Weaver and the Cowherd
A Chinese folktale, animated and retold by fourth and fifth graders. The students wrote the script, drew the storyboards, acted out the voice parts, and did the animation in art class, while the fifth graders composed and performed the score across the hall in the music room.
USA, 2019 / in English / Fourth and fifth graders of the Crestwood Elementary School – Madison, WI / 7.5 min / Animated short

Life of a Plastic Cup
This film focuses on the global problem of how plastic is destroying our wildlife and polluting our seas. Awarded the ‘Film of the Festival’ at the Blaenau Gwent Film Festival for young people, A plastic cup is personified and goes on its own adventure.
UK, 2019 / in English / Students from 7 to 17 years old of Blaenau Gwent Film Academy, NY / 4.5 min / Narrative short

Best Dressed
With the hope of winning a free, custom-made suit, a young man distributes tuxedo rental coupons to his peers, discovering newfound confidence.
USA, 2019 / in English / Andrew Gerstenblatt (age 17) of Barrington High School – Barrington,RI / 4.5 min / Narrative short

Tres Generaciones
A young documentarian captures the stories of family members in the Dominican Republic conflicted by their love of country and their desire for a better life in the United States.
USA, 2019 / in Spanish with English subtitles / MaryLenny Melo-Severino (age 17) of Beacon Charter High School for the Arts – Woonsocket, RI / 6.5 min / Documentary short

Hand Turkey
A young man celebrates the unity of humankind through the commonly shared experience of the hand turkey.
USA, 2019 / in English / Evan Knudsen (age 17) of Beacon Charter High School for the Arts – Woonsocket, RI / 2.5 min / Experimental