Youth Filmmaker Show 2022

Director(s): Multiple directors
Country: Multi-national
Language: In English or w/English subtitles
Multiple Film Types | 2020, 2021 | 125 mins
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: Recommended age is based on reading subtitles. The last film monochrome has an intense scene of bullying.)

PCFF is committed to nurturing the work of budding young filmmakers. Created in 2014, the Youth Filmmaker Showcase (YFS) celebrates the artistic talents of youth from here in Rhode Island and around the world. This collection of local, national and international films by young filmmakers presents creative and inspiring tales from a new generation of storytellers. The Showcase usually takes place in February during the in-person event of the Providence Children’s Film Festival and would include opportunities for these artists to meet other filmmakers and discuss their inspiration and production challenges. With omicron still very much here and children being the least vaccinated people of our community we needed to make this show virtual again. However, young filmmakers were still working diligently despite the pandemic and what they wish to share might surprise you!

A COMMERCIAL DISASTER – A small film crew faces technical and interpersonal problems in this mockumentary-style short. (2021 / 6 mins / USA / dirs. Xochitl Rodriguez (10), Wallis Hrabe (9), Maddox Mundt (11), Sebastian Hirst (13), Anali Fernandez (9) / in English)

A SLICE OF LIFE – An stop-motion animated look at a family’s growth over a generation. (2021 / 1 min / USA / dirs. Max D’Aniello (13), Mattie Kueter (13), Gray Tracey (13) / in English)

A SECOND CHANCE – The director’s statement: “During this documentary, I have incorporated interviews of people that have been homeless and people that are working to help stop the homeless issue in San Diego. This documentary explains how hard it actually is to be homeless. I hope this documentary opens your eyes to what it is like to be homeless and how homeless people can’t just “get a job.” Hearing all these stories has changed the way I think of homelessness, and I hope it changes the way you think too.” (2021 / 10 mins / USA / dir Arden Pala (12) / in English)

BAD BUGS – 10 year old Bryn made a claymation movie about the importance of using “natural solutions for your bug problems” – something she’s passionate about. The idea came after one of her “grub hunting” sessions (she loves gathering grubs for the birds and lizards). She loves gardening almost as much as animation, so it was a perfect fit. (2021 / 2 mins / USA / dir. Bryn Wright (10) / no dialogue)

HOW TO MAKE A LION – When Chase doesn’t get a lion for Christmas, he decides to take matters into his own hands. (2020 / 2 mins / USA / dir. Chase Meek (10)/ no dialogue)

ESCALATION – The popular genre of stick figure fighting draws a viewer into this action-filled animation of 2 competitors engaged in an epic battle. While being entertained by the fast-paced action, however, we also ask the viewer to consider the wisdom of winning at all costs. Over this past year, we all witnessed opposing sides taking an unmoving stance in politics, from our local school boards, to political parties, all the way up to the highest office. We hope that this fun short allows us to also consider what happens to conflict that sees no end. (2020 / 2 mins / USA / dir. Jake Yun (14) / no dialogue)

FRESHMAN YEAR – When entering her freshman year of high school, Mia is faced with the changing relationships that come with adolescence and changing of schools. It’s not easy to navigate old friendships into new ones not to mention dealing with her parents deciding on getting a divorce. (2021 / 7 mins / USA / dirs. Bea Hammam (14), Sydney Kaufman (14) / in English)

HAIRFOO MORPHIS – Quentin’s mum thinks she’s a witch from Harry Potter. When she casts a spell over the contents of his lunch box he’s in for the shock of his life when he gets to school. (2020 / 4 mins / Australia / dir. Luca Pasvolsky (11) / in English)

IRO IRO TREE – Iro Iro Tree is the output of a 9 month online collaboration between two cultures— Atami, Japan and Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Children (ages 10-12), Educators, Animators and Musicians worked together across the distance in 2020 to create this piece.

Inspired by the observation of nature, children at School of Wonder in Japan created original artwork, characters, and stories thorough an online class led by Ayano Tanaka here in Rhode Island. Once the stage was set by the children of Atami, local artists and animators from Pawtucket brought the story to life with movement, sound, and structure. Further music was then contributed by artists working locally in Japan as well as the main part of the film was dubbed by the librarian, from Rochambeau library, Providence.

Although the two groups worked across a vast distance of over 6,700 miles apart, the process of creating felt anything but distant. Ayano Tanaka tapped into their tight-knit network of friends and artists in both Rhode Island and Japan to create something cohesive and unique, bound together by a shared sense of “wonder” and the thrill of collaboration across age, geography, and language. (2021 / 15 mins / USA, Japan / dirs. Ayano Tanaka, Emily Timm, Shingo Tanaka / in English and Japanese w/English subtitles)

LET’S TALK ABOUT IT: International Politics is NOT child’s play – The effects of the Human impact in the World can’t be resolved through conflicts and wars. We need to talk about it! (2020 / 4 mins / Italy / cast Alessandro, Elena, Laraib, Tommaso, Ulisse, Eman, Liuxiang, Nazma, Maria Vitória, Fahad, Kevin, Kelly. All between 14-15 yrs old)

LITTLE BLOOD – An animated re-telling of a Mayan myth by the 4th and 5th grade students of Crestwood Elementary school in Madison, WI. (2021 / 8 mins / USA / creative team all between 9-11 yrs old…Abusha F, Brinleigh B, Alejandro R, Violet Kn, Violet Ko, Charlee R, Dyamond S, Elia C, Finja P, James V, Jocelyn P, Katherine M, Kavi’anna R, Miles D, Nico S, Olga D, Susie M, Ta’Leya T, Uniah T, Frankie S, Abril V, Daniel O, Aleksa C, Allison C, Andre J, Angelo S, Arden K, Derr L, Ellie F, Grey H, Jemari W, Malcolm I, Rose D, Rachelle S, Sami A, Taniyah J, Zulimar M, Alex B, Lailah A, Maya B, James E, Ray F, Drew L, Eleanor M, JaKayla N, Recco N, Nolan P, Nilay P, Alexandra P, Netrell P, Bowen P, Elisabeth R, Zachary R, Aaron S, Jacob S, Franny T, Daniel V, Jahmir W, Ciara P, Daniel S, David Z, Evan H, Evelyn A, Finn Z, Joey T, John B, Lauren C, Lucie S, Matayia S, Milo W, Oliver D, Owen B, Owen H, Samuel W, Sawyer S, Sophia G, Taylor M, Winnie S, Yahir A, Yasmany R, Zoey M)

MY LIFE WITH RAINBOWS – A kid shares what it’s like to have two Moms. (2021 / 8 mins / Canada / dir. Elena Pendleton (10?)/ in English)

MY MOTHER LOOKS LIKE A MICROWAVE OVEN – This film was made by a group of 9 girls (7-10 age), for each of them this film was the first experience in animation. In this black and white short film, static and cyclical images play an important role. We believe that when the picture is minimalistic, we begin to listen more attentively to the narrator. Based on their memories and impressions, the girls, in addition to a message to the audience, have a special message for their parents (especially to moms). With the help of a film screen, you can convey some words that in life you cannot always be accurately formulated. The emotions of girls, materialized in objects, emphasize their ability to tell stories with the help of metaphors. This is very important for clarifying the mood and perception of our family relationship. (2021 / 15 mins / Uzbekistan / in Russian w/English subtitles)

OMEGA & SPARKS – After being bullied for playing with action figures at school, a young boy is surprised to find the figures have become actual humans – which only makes his life more complicated. (2021 / 10 mins / USA / dirs. Ani (15), Cole (17), Reagan (17), Kent (17) / in English)

PLAN FOR THE PASTRAMI – A Jewish grandmother talks to her grandson about her funeral and asks him to settle some mafia-like debts. (2021 / 8 mins / USA / dirs. Eli Lerdau (14), Steven Meyer (15), Jackson Snead (15), Solomon Goluboff-Schragger (14) / in English)

CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES vs COVID-19 – Surfing through TV channels we come across a bizarre and impossible interview with the COVID-19! Despite the bad reputation he had a lot of informative things to say.  (2021 / 5 mins / Italy / dirs. Paula, Julia, Adrian, Alice, Laraib, Julia, Paula, Adrian, Alice, Gaia, Teo, Tobia. Ages 12-14/ in Italian w/English subtitles)

RUTH & NICK: A Confectionary Tale – This stop-motion animated short tells the bittersweet story of Nick, a piece of candy who falls in love with a girl who seems out of reach. This film was made by 15-year-old Carter Rostron of Kansas City, using cardboard, construction paper, and a bunch of candy. (2021 / 7 mins / USA / dir. Carter Rostron (15) / in English)

PETALS – Petals is a semi-abstract short film exploration mixing the real with the surreal. (2021 / 1 min / USA / dir. Akira Akin (11) / no dialogue)

WHAT I WANT TO SAY TO YOU – Joo really wants to say something to Minjoo but is finding it tough to build up the courage to say something. Even with the support of his friends it’s difficult to say. Then one day… (2020 / 4 mins / Democratic People’s Republic of Korea / dir. / in Korean with English subtitles)

monochrome – Tsuyu is a high school boy who joins the photography club after an acquaintance talks him into it. It’s here that he finds himself reflecting back on some difficult memories. (2021 / 10 mins / Japan / dirs. Iwahashi Yuki, Yuya Kusano, Sen Shimamura, Tomoki Yoshida, Yu Matsuoka all 16 y.o.)

Film are subject to change without notice.