TRY-umph! (PCFF Shorts Collection)

Director(s): Multiple
Country: Multi-national
Language: In English or no dialogue
Multiple Film Types | 2014, 2015 | 63 min
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

Curated by our director of programming, this selection of animation, live action, musicals and documentaries will pique your curiosity, challenge your senses and spark the imagination!

A large part of growing up has to do with overcoming obstacles. Some obstacles require simply trying, while others demand more UMPH! These short films span the globe, sharing stories about personal fear, crooked teeth, loss of a loved one, tooth fairy woes—and much more. The Oscar-nominated BEAR STORY is included.

Ages 8+ / Multi-national, 2014-2015 / In English or no dialogue / 63 min

Eight-year-old Tharir wishes to become an astronaut for very personal reasons. His strong imagination and love from his mother will help him overcome many obstacles.
USA, 2014 / English / Michelle Cassis / 3 min
Live Action

Jake seems quite preoccupied with video games until one day his mother gives him “the present”.
Germany, 2014 / English / Jacob Frey / 4 min

This multi-award-winning animated film from Chile recounts a story within a story. Every day an old bear goes to a street corner to sell viewings to a tin marionette theater he has made. Using his life story as this theater’s narrative you understand what his personal struggle has been and how he wishes for it to end. One of 10 finalists for 2015 Academy Award nominee consideration.
Chile, 2015 / No spoken dialogue / Gabriel Osorio Vargas / 10 min

What will deivery services look like in 100 years? And where will they deliver? Johnny is a lazy inter-planetary delivery man who just doesn’t seem to understand that lifeforms expecting packages come in all sizes.
Korea, 2014 / No spoken (human) dialogue / Kyungmin Woo / 5.5 min

The setting of this film appears to be a world broken down. A father is concerned about where to camp and what the next meal will be. The daughter is worried about where to place her newly-lost tooth for the tooth fairy. Priorities are priorities so you know what’s at the top of the to-do list. The effect is what all children bring with them…hope.
Netherlands, 2015 / No spoken dialogue / Jeroen Mourmans  / 7.5 min
Live Action

This wordless film is about the choices available when we feel like life is not on our side. How do we cope when we feel mistreated, maligned or even invisible? The Walker is a story about little old lady who reaches her breaking point, and in doing so, develops a creative way of coping with the less-than-kind world around her.
USA, 2015 / No spoken dialogue / Heather Collins / 4 min

Animated re-imagining of a children’s classic by Natalie Babbitt, beloved author of Tuck Everlasting. Fully drawn, scored, edited and voiced by Ms. Babbitt’s son, New England animator, artist, filmmaker and musician Tom Babbitt. In the story, a monster boy lays awake at night, frightened that “something” will come through his window. He turns his weird little world upside down in his dogged search to understand and confront his fear—which he finds, in a way, through the “looking glass…”
USA, 2015 / English / Thomas Babbitt / 7.5 min

You can learn a lot from your kids. This short film follows Emily’s desire to get braces. She works hard to save. She also starts paying attention to all the little expenses that add up. Cut out one coffee a day and you can really save a ‘latte’! Her mother is the most difficult one to convince but em-braces it all in the end!
USA, 2015 / English / Dawn Morgan / 9 min
Live Action

A humorous ghost story about a stubborn old Chinese man who returns as a ghost that can only be seen by Zoe, his granddaughter’s half-Chinese, half-Canadian best friend. Even after death, Grandpa Tong is stuck in his ways. He rants to Zoe about the importance of culture, studying hard, and good grooming. Eventually he trusts her enough to convey his thoughts of love and missing them.
Canada, 2015 / English / Celeste Koon / 11 min
Live Action