The World Around Us

Country: Multi-national
Language: English or no dialogue
Multiple Film Types | 2019 | 75 min.
Genre: Adventure
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: 8+)

The Worlds Around Us

Our world is richly infused with opportunities for discovery and revelation. This shorts reel will get you thinking about expanding your horizons beyond what meets the eye. The stories told here include: a raccoon discovering a flashlight in the forest; a cat with a duck problem and a fish store that was once part of Providence. 

Multi-national  / In English or no dialogue / 75 min / 8+

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

Cat Lake City

Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in CAT LAKE CITY – the cats´ vacation paradise. But one cat’s vacation is another duck’s opportunity to seize the day! (or blanket!)

Germany, 2019 / no dialogue  / Antje Heyn  / 7 min / Animation.

Six Musical Notes

Things are not always what they seem, sometimes it’s what you make of them. If Lili decides to follow the six little notes, it might be the greatest journey she’ll ever make. 

France, 2019 / in French with English subtitles  / Toma Leroux   / 7 min / Live Action.

Keeper of the Fishes

Keeper of the Fishes is a story of a man who at an early age fell in love with fish. George Goulart operated a small aquarium store in Providence, RI and was known in town as the “Fish Dr.” His passion for fish goes beyond making their aquariums beautiful. He understood them in his own way and made sure to educate his customers on how to give fish the best lives possible. George proved day in and day out, that he was…The Keeper of the Fishes.

USA, 2017 / in English  / Carla Ricci   / 8.5 min / Documentary.


Over the seasons we follow a logger and his horse in the depths of the Ardennes forest, and see him live his passion through the eyes of an odd young girl… 

Belgium, 2019 / in French with English subtitles  / Sébastien Pins  / 12 min / Live Action.

Legend of Toto

Somewhere in the middle of the desert there is an eagle named Toto. Toto does anything he can to protect his precious egg, but suddenly, a new threat appears. A snake invades Toto’s territory.

USA, 2019 / in English  / Blanca Montoya  / 2 min / Animation.

Small Spark

A small mouse loves reading books on adventures. When the reading candle goes out and the matchbox is empty, it’s her turn to live a of adventure in search of a small spark.

France, 2019 / no dialogue  / Julie Rembauville  / 3 min / Animation.

Slum Angel

Angel, a young girl living in an impoverished Ugandan community, inherits supernatural powers. Along with her best friend Abdul, a quick-witted street boy, the pair help neighbors in need with solving the mysteries they encounter.

USA-Uganda, 2019 / In Swahili with English subtitles and English  /Julia Barnett / 8.5 min / Live Action.


In Lisbon a German couple find themselves forced to be conductors of a runaway street car with a baby on board.

France, 2019 / no dialogue  /Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran / 5 min / Animation.


When a girl makes a magical discovery in her egg box, she sets out to discover which of her chickens laid the golden egg and whether she should sell it. 

Australia, 2019 / in English  /Andrew O’Keefe / 5 min / Live Action.

Dolls Letters

A little girl loses her favorite doll, and, in order to soothe the child, an unfamiliar postman invents an incredible story.

Russia, 2016 / no dialogue  /Natalia Grofpel / 6.5 min / Animation.

Raccoon and a Light

The title says it all!

USA, 2018 / no dialogue  / Hanna Kim / 4 min / Animation.

Like Playing

The three children give free rein to their imagination while collecting metals, plastics and cartons that they sell at the end of the day to buy a bowl of tasty soup.

Peru, 2018 / in Spanish with English subtitles  / Berenice Adrianzen Zegarra / 20 min / Live Action.