The Secret of Kells

Director(s): Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey
Country: Belgium, France, Ireland
Language: In English
Animation | 2009 | 75 min
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: tense moments, threatening/perilous situations, brief scene of violence)


We celebrate PCFF’s tenth anniversary by bringing back our tremendously popular Opening Night film from 2009! Color and detail dazzle in this Academy Award-nominated animated film filled with magic, fantasy and Celtic mythology. To complete a magical illuminated manuscript, young Brendan must overcome his deepest fears on a dangerous quest through an enchanted forest beset by barbarians. Will his determination and artistic vision conquer darkness and show that enlightenment is the best fortification against evil? The answer is in the margins!

Academy Award Nominee 2009 – Best Animation
Annecy International Animation Film Festival (France) 2009 – Audience Award
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009 – Audience Award

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