Team Marco

Director(s): Julio Vincent Gambuto
Language: English or no dialogue
Live Action | | 90 minutes
Genre: Drama, Family
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: 8+)

Eleven-year-old Marco cares only about video gaming and all his  friends are online. When Marco’s grandfather moves in for the summer, “Nonno” decides to teach his “robot” grandson how to live. Nonno challenges Marco to learn bocce and make friends, telling him: “Bocce is like life. It’s not about thinking. You have to feel.” Marco resists, but his inevitable awakening is genuinely moving as he rises to the challenge and tries to beat the old man at his own game. After watching you might have the urge to visit grandparents, try bocce and buy some rainbow cookies!

USA  / 2019  / 90 min / Ages 10+ (smoking, divorce, death of grandparent) 


Official Website: @teammarcomovie

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