Sune vs Sune

Director(s): Jon Holmberg
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish w/English subtitles
| 2019 | 89 min
Genre: Adventure
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: 8+)
Themes: coming of age

Their swords drawn and mighty laser guns at the ready, Sune, his younger brother and his best friend Sophie regularly embark on epic fantasy battles. Yet as the summer holidays draw to an end, ten-year-old Sune has a different challenge waiting for him in the real world: a new classmate, whose name is also Sune. This new boy is making quite an impression on the other students and even Sophie too! In fear of losing Sophie to his namesake and eventual nemesis, Sune decides to reinvent himself, with tumultuous consequences. Sometimes being yourself IS the best way to be!

Sweden  / 2018 / In Swedish with English subtitles / 89 min / Ages 8+ (mild profanity) 


Sarajevo Film Festival (Serbia) 2019- Winner Young Audience Award
KIDS FIRST! Film Festival (New Mexico) 2019 - Official Selection
San Diego International Children’s Film Festival 2019 - Official Selection
Adelaide International Youth Film Festival (Australia) 2019 - Official Selection

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