Rocca Changes the World

Director(s): Katja Benrath
Country: Germany
Language: German w/ English subtitles
| 2019 | 101 min
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: 10+)
Themes: coming of age

Raised since infancy at a German astronaut training facility can lead to some interesting personality traits. Self reliant, confident and one of a kind could all be said to describe 11 year old Rocca. With her father on a space mission she must now attend a normal school for the first time.  Her carefree and uber-confident ways instantly stand out. From the class bully to the homeless man she befriends on the way to school, the world around Rocca can’t help but be changed by her fearless optimism and caring for others as she herself learns to adjust to the new world around her. 


Germany  / 2019 / German with English subtitles / 101 min / Ages 10+ (early life tragedy, bullying, some profanity) 


Giffoni Film Festival (Italy) 2019 - Winner Best Film and Director
Zlin Film Festival (Czech Republic) 2019 Children’s Jury Winner- Best Feature Film for Children
German Film Awards 2019 - Winner Outstanding Children or Youth Film

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