My Dad is a Sausage

Director(s): Anouk Fortunier
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch w/ English subtitles
Live Action | 2021 | 80 mins
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Recommended for ages 10+

In this charming film for the entire family, introverted Zoë (12), the youngest of three siblings, is struggling to find her own voice at school. At home, she is closest with her father. When Dad suddenly burns out on his bank job and inexplicably decides to become an actor, the rest of the family thinks he’s having a breakdown.

His wife, a type-A executive at her family’s chocolate factory, is most concerned. But Zoë believes her dad is an amazing actor waiting to be discovered and vows to help him however she can. Spiced with innovative animation, this contemporary dramedy about a family that reinvents shows the importance of following your dreams in spite of the doubts of others.

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