KID FLIX MIX: Best of 2010 New York International Children’s Film Fest

Country: Multi-national
Language: In English
Multiple Film Types | 2010 | 75 min
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

This compilation contains the best of this year’s New York Children’s Film Festival Shorts for the youngest crowd (ages 3-8). You will recognize one of the shorts from our festival last year and be introduced to a new slate of wonderful films traveling the world’s festival circuit. The program features musical and narrative works from USA, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.

Sweden, 2009 / Animated / Dir. Alicja Jaworski / 7 min
Bouncy little Booo wants to play with the bigger bunnies and tries his best to keep up, despite their taunts and teases. But when the older bunnies get into trouble with a scary dog, Booo gets to show them what he is made of.

Electric Car
USA, 2009 / Animated /Dir. Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata / 4 min
This insanely catchy music video from They Might Be Giants uses mixed media animation as an electric car rolls across the landscape and a girl and her dog welcome the world to join them on a journey into a new day.

Lost and Found
UK, 2008 / Animated / Dir. Phillip Hunt / 24 min
A sweet and tender tale of love and adventure, based on the award-winning book by Oliver Jeffers. A young boy finds a penguin at his doorstep and decides to return him to the South Pole in a handmade rowboat: encountering along the way a tremendous storm, indifferent oil tankers and a giant octopus who turns out to be a friend.

The Happy Duckling
UK, 2008 / Animated / Dir. Gili Dolev / 9 min
In this colorful computer-animated film designed to look like a pop-up book, a boy is pursued by a very persistent duck who does not realize the danger he is in.

Milk Drinking Contest
Switzerland, 2008 / Animated / Dir. Maikki Kantola / 3 min
A silly music video shows what life is like for kids on a Swiss milk farm.

Cherry On The Cake
UK, 2009 / Animated / Dir. Hyebin Lee / 8 min
It’s Cherry’s birthday and she’s excited about spending it with her family. But Mom and Dad and Sister and Brother are all caught up in the own worlds, and the smaller Cherry feels, the smaller she gets. Will she completely disappear?

Laban, The Little Ghost
Sweden, 2007 / Animation / Dir. Lasse Persson / 5 min
Laban is a very small ghost in a very large castle. He lives there with Mother and Father and his little sister, Labolina. Laban is a happy and well-loved little ghost, except for one problem: He is not very good at scaring people.

Bigbox Singsong John
Canada, 2009 / Animated / Dir. Warren Brown / 1 min
His name is John. He’s not a leprechaun. He just happens to think a pipe and a hat are cool.

Sweden, 2008 / Animated / Dir. Kristofer Strom / 5 min
Super cool color-saturated, blob-like creatures whack each other on the head, throb and weave to a techno vibe against a live action urban backdrop.