Eleanor’s Secret

Director(s): Dominique Monfery
Country: France
Language: Dubbed in English
Animation | 2011 | 76 min
Genre: Drama
Recommended for all ages

As the PCFF film jury ballots were coming in, not only was this film very highly scored, many commented that this should be our opening night film: and so it became! Academy Award-nominated French animator Dominique Monfery celebrates the joy of reading in his imaginative feature. Seven-year-old Nat can’t read, making his inheritance of Aunt Eleanor’s collection of books immensely disappointing. Despite his love of having Eleanor read to him, his disinterest encourages his parents to sell the books to a greedy collector – after which Nat discovers that they were all first editions and furthermore, that their fictional characters come to life. If the books leave the library, the characters will fade into oblivion and leave the world without stories forever.

After he is magically shrunken to the size of the storybook characters, Nat joins Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and other classic literary friends in a race against time to return the books to the library. Unfortunately, even if the books get back to the library, Nat is the only one who can read a secret incantation that will save his tiny friends. With its creative narrative, colorful animation and an uplifting musical score, “Eleanor’s Secret” will quickly win the hearts and imaginations of avid readers and film lovers alike.

PCFF Awards
2011 Best Feature Award
Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2010, Special Distinction

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