2015 Youth Filmmaker Showcase: Regional Edition

Director(s): Multiple
Country: United States
Language: Some w/ English subtitles
Multiple Film Types, Youth Filmmaker | 2014 | 85 min
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages)

This show includes 2015 Workshop Reel*

PCFF is committed to nurturing the work of young “amateur” filmmakers and so is proud to present a juried program of films all made by youth—from here in Rhode Island and around the world—and to provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to talk about both the fun and the challenges they face during the creative process. This exciting screening is designed to encourage talented and committed up-and-coming young filmmakers, and to inspire those who are just thinking about it.

* This show includes a Q&A and discussion with those filmmakers who are able to attend plus a group workshop reel created by students who attended the PCFF filmmaking workshops on February 7th and 8th

    • Cole Gets Help
      Cole fights a bad guy and gets saved by his friend.
      Cranston, RI – 2014 / Dir. Harrison F. (age 6) / 2.5 min
    • Time to Canoe
      Two friends go on a canoeing adventure.
      Cranston, RI – 2014 / Dir. Helena F. (age 7) / 1 min
    • Osushi no Daidattso (The Great Escape of Sushi)
      The sushi at the rotating sushi restaurant escaped!? Where is it heading to…??
      Tokyo, Japan – 2014 / Japanese w/English subtitles / Created by 5 kids of Tanu-kids Team B (ages 6-7) / 2.5min
    • Drip
      When a boy gets turned into an ice cream cone, his friends must do whatever it takes to save him.
      Seattle, WA – 2014 / Dirs. Kyle J. (age 10) and Asa B. (age 11) / 4 min
    • The Adventures of Emmet
      A robber becomes a problem at Emmet and Lucy’s house!
      Cranston, RI – 2014 / Dir. Elliot F. (age 10) / 2.5 min
    • How the Star Was Created
      A short story about how Asterix has a dream about being a different shape and in the process invents the star and inspires others.
      Cranston, RI – 2014 / Dir. Eden F. (age 12) / 5 min
    • Amelia
      At the bakery, a mysterious woman offers Leo a chance to decide his own future. But will he be able to make a personal sacrifice?
      Providence, RI – 2014 / Dirs. Ethan and Dylan I. (ages 13) / 5.5 min
    • The Theater
      The Theater is a short philosophical movie that shows different people’s interests on monumental figures like Shakespeare in our modern era. Modern technologies and tempo have changed our philosophy, our values, and our understanding; the film will let the spectator decide who we are and where we are heading.
      Newton, MA – 2014 / Dir. Salome Tkebuchava (age 15) / 10 min
    • Simple
      Two criminals attempt to rob a jewelry store with unexpected results.
      Arlington, VA – 2014 / Dir. Victoria H. (age 17) / 5 min
    • To Build a Fire
      A young man is lost in the woods, is freezing, and only has three matches. (Based on a Jack London story.)
      Arlington, VA – 2013 / Dir. Victoria H. (age 16) / 2.5 min
    • It’s a Thing
      A short exploration of two quirky high school students with irrational fears and how they find each other and the power of love.
      Austin, TX – 2014 / Dirs. Meredith M., Sage M., Sebastian C. (ages 16-17) / 5 min
    • Slaves to Fashion
      In this powerful video essay, the filmmaker explores the disturbing conditions in which our clothing, electronics, and fashion accessories are made. By sharing her own story, Evodie calls on us to spend our money supporting ethical manufacturing around the globe.
      Baltimore, MD – 2014 / Dir. Evodie N. (age 16) / 3 min
    • Awkward
      In this comedic short, high school student Le’Ez explains that, in order to become an effective person, you have to accept your awkward moments and learn from your mistakes.
      Baltimore, MD – 2014 / Dir. Le’Ez S. (age 17) / 2 min
    • Our School at the Middle of Our Street
      210 students from the State School Santa Teresa put together a cinematic homage to classic films from the past.
      Valencia, Spain – 2013 / Spanish w/ English subtitles / Dir. Victoria H. (ages 10-12) / 15 min
    • 2015 PCFF Group Workshop Reel
      PCFF offers children hands-on filmmaking workshops during the festival. Designed for ages 6 to 14, our innovative February workshops are taught by a super-talented team of local filmmakers and members of RISD’s Film/Animation/Video Department. The 2015 Group Reel was created by the students in the following workshops: LIVE ACTION! Foley and Field Audio, LIVE ACTION! Green Screen, LIVE ACTION! Special Effects and Camera Tricks, Animation, Lip Sync, Storyboard and Animation, and Lightpainting.
      Providence, RI – 2015 / Dir. Carissa A. / 15 min