2013 PCFF Shorts Collection: Elementary School Edition

Director(s): Multiple
Country: Multi-national
Language: English, musical, or no dialogue
Multiple Film Types | 2011, 2012 | 70 min
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

Your Shorts are Showin’ (YSAS)

PCFF proudly presents this year’s YSAS programs. We have compiled three age-specific reels of short films. Some of these films were chosen by our jury and others invited by our Director of Programming. We hope you enjoy this wide assortment of shorts!

  • While You Weren’t Looking
    USA, 2012 / Dir. Jeremy Mackie / 11 min
    This contemporary story of a daring young girl looking for adventure and a mother looking to keep her safe comically represents a dilemma families live through every day. Too much protection can be stifling, too little can be dangerous. Parents and children will equally enjoy how the mother and daughter try to define what works best.
  • Harbor Tale
    Japan, 2011 / Dir. Yuichi Ito / 18 min
    What happens when a young red brick gets tired of sitting in place all day? In “Harbor Tales,” a beautiful stop-motion animation, a red brick leaves his building in order to explore the harbor around him and find a boat to take him to new and exciting places. Anyone who has ever wondered what’s happening right over the horizon will empathize with the little red brick.
  • Goldfish Love
    Finland & USA, 2011 / Dir. Elin Gronblom / 14 min
    A whimsical short story about a French-accented pet goldfish (with an attitude) named Gandhi, who longs to swim in the open sea. One day he is purchased by a struggling musician named Rufus. Gandhi inspires Rufus to compose like he’s never composed before and a friendship evolves between the two dreamers. Trouble in the water arrives when the attractive record producer enchants Rufus with shark-like charm. Oh, the tragedy! Or is it?
  • Wolf Dog Tales
    USA, 2012 / Dir. Bernadine Santistevan / 7 min
    One day an ancient one took his grandson out for a walk, when suddenly, out of nowhere, they came across two wolves in a fight to the death. The battle between the good wolf and the bad wolf: the fight that goes on inside all of us. The one that wins is the one that you feed. “Wolf Dog Tales” is a beautifully animated film that takes us through a series of stories inspired by ancient wisdoms of what animals teach us about respecting life and earth.
  • Big Feet
    USA, 2011 / Dir. Biz Thorsen / 6 min
    As a large-footed young man trying out for a soccer team surprisingly discovers while chasing an errant kick, he’s not alone in this world. You might be surprised to see whose company he shares! Directed by Cumberland, Rhode Island’s own Elizabeth Thorsen!
  • Spycat and the Paper Chase
    Singapore, 2011 / Dir. Darren Lim / 6 min
    Not based on a true story. Spycat hunts down Captain Chico, whose latest scheme involves robbing the world of every paper product there is. The epic battle of feline vs. canine continues!
  • Do Something
    USA, 2012 / Dir. Jerome Stern / 7 min
    A seven-year-old boy has been playing video games all day while his mother tends to a crying infant. With her patience running short she encourages the couch-napping Dad to take his son out and DO SOMETHING. With this prompting, the father and son begin a journey that takes them to places they never expected. The two discover that while they may not agree on most things, they are a lot more connected than they had previously imagined.
  • The Kid
    Czech Republic, Israel & USA, 2012 / Dir. Gilad Thaler / 9 min
    Peter, a friend and neighbor, helps out in a pinch to babysit Jake, an eight-year-old boy with an intense fear of heights. Through their experiences of playing and watching a movie, Peter comes up with an idea of helping Jake overcome his fear. Heads up with this kind of therapy!
  • B-Boy
    USA, 2011 / Dir. Lisa Cohen / 14 min
    Thirteen-year-old Eli navigates two diverse cultures while coming of age as a bar mitzvah and a competitive break dancer in this moving documentary about the power of passion, dedication and community. Eli, aka “E-Break,” is a studious school kid on the brink of adolescence whose talent for dance lands him a coveted position on a crew that competes in battles all over the country. It is a world of fierce talent and loyal bonds, and as Eli finds his way, he dreams about winning to fanfare – and reflects on the importance of friendship, family and losing with grace.