activity reel: SOUNDTRACK REMIX

Tune in to what you hear!

sound on, sound off

Materials: Film and media player

Play a short film clip with the sound off and note how you react to what you watched. Next, play the same clip with the sound on. How does sound affect the narrative and the mood?

score your own film

Materials: Computer or device with your own music playlist

Now you have the opportunity to score a film. Pick a scene from the movie that you just watched and pretend that you’re the composer, music director, or sound director. How would you score the scene? What songs and sounds would you put on the movie soundtrack? You can pick a pre-existing song or compose your own! Then play your version of the scene for an audience!  

write new dialogue

Materials: Paper and pencil, film and media player

Pick a scene from the film you just saw, and watch it with the sound off. Write new dialogue for that scene! This is an opportunity to change the mood of the original scene. If it was lighthearted you can make it serious, or if it was somber you can make it silly. Just make sure your new dialogue makes sense with the action in the scene.

Note: When remixing, also consider how the absence of music, sound effects, and/or dialogue could affect or change the film’s storyline.

Click on the PCFF Activity Reel film strip for more ideas!

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