activity reel: PROMOTE A MOVIE

Create a poster, trailer & hype!

design a movie poster

Materials Needed: This can be either a low-tech or a high-tech activity. You can make posters with just paper and colored pencils or markers, or you can use computers to design, edit video, or build a social media campaign.

It’s your job to promote a film and make it seem appealing to your audience!  The first step is figuring out who your audience is and what will appeal to them!  Are they kids?  Teenagers?  Parents?  Families?

Highlight the most exciting and important part of the film in a catchy way so that other people want to see it.  Advertising campaigns can take many different forms: a poster, a movie trailer, a series of tweets, Facebook posts, etc. In groups or individually, decide which approach you want to take.

Here’s an example of 4 different posters promoting the same movie, Wadjda! Notice the wide variety of approaches to the same film!

Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.42.14

Use similar elements for your own poster!

  • Pick a visual moment from the film to highlight, then recreate it by drawing the image or screen-capturing a scene from the trailer.
  • Write a catchy tagline or a short sentence that promotes the main idea of the film..
  • Make up a pretend quote from a film critic, praising the good qualities of the film.

make a film trailer

Film trailers cut together some of the most interesting parts of films to generate interest and create suspense without giving away the ending. For this activity, think about the film you watched. Imagine a your own trailer that gives the audience a sense of what the movie is about and creates suspense without giving away the ending!

Option 1: Script and act out a trailer for the film that you just saw.
Materials: No materials necessary

  1. Break into small groups.
  2. In groups, assign character roles and decide on the selections you want to act out. You can also script a trailer voiceover and select someone to be the narrator.
  3. Perform your trailer for your audience!

Option 2: Using material from the film (video clips, still images, dialogue), edit together your own trailer!
Materials: Video editing software

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