THE CLUB OF UGLY CHILDREN (Netherlands, 2019)

This action-packed thriller unfolds in a dystopian world led by a new president whose motto, “Keep it Clean,” means rounding up kids who don’t meet his view of ideal looking citizens. Paul, his big sister, and their band of friends refuse to simply stand by. They mobilize with energy and ingenuity in this pulse-racing tale that will have you cheering from the edge of your seat! A stark warning against the rise of the far-right and the power of activism and social media.


If you like a good ghost-mystery film with a little bit of fright, this is your film! Three teen girlfriends at summer camp find strange things everywhere: first, they must make friends with…boys?!  But even weirder is the mysterious room #213, empty for 60 years after a terrible tragedy, but now assigned to them. Yup, things go bump in the night buuut, without spoiling the plot, the narrative has no violence or unspeakable traumas to mention. Just a good story, great acting and imaginative special effects.


The four Walker children (Swallows) have finally convinced their parents to let them set off on their own for a sailing adventure during summer vacation. The excursion quickly turns into a fierce turf war when they learn their island camp has been claimed by the boisterous Blackett sisters (Amazons), and find themselves caught in the midst of some nefarious international intrigue that’s landed in their sleepy byways. Based on the beloved English novels by Arthur Ransome, SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS is filled with dramas big and small—from a capsized picnic basket to a Russian spy campaign—that come together to create a fluidly captivating story of bravery set against the languorous beauty of the English countryside of 1935.