CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG has been charming audiences for 50 years! To mark its anniversary, PCFF introduces a new generation to this classic Ian Fleming story and Roald Dahl screenplay that takes us to faraway lands, introduces us to characters named Truly Scrumptious, Caractacus Potts, and the vehicular star, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! To those that may wonder, just what is a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Well it’s the name of a “fine four-fendered friend” who can fly, float, and drive by itself. Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes croon the most memorable songs one movie can possibly contain. Van Dyke quipped, “We’re going to out-Disney Disney!” and the film ultimately received a nomination for an Oscar, two Golden Globes and a Grammy.

In this lighthearted German farce, the citizens of Bollersdorf take great pride in being perfectly average in everything: weight, age, household members and more. Bollersdorf is so average, in fact, that a market research company uses the town as a testing ground. Fortunately, a ragtag group of kindergarteners known as the Coati Gang, doesn’t fall for it. With the help of their grandparents, the gang sets out to make its town “extra” ordinary using creativity, pluck and ingenuity. A hilarious and heartwarming live-action adventure.

SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN has been voted one of the greatest films of all time in international critics’ polls. There are other contenders: Top Hat, Swing Time, An American in Paris, Oklahoma, and West Side Story, but SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN stands above the rest because it is not only from Hollywood, it is about Hollywood. This 1952 musical offers a comical depiction of the American movie business caught up in the bumpy transition from silent films to “talkies”. A modest hit when first released, it eventually became legendary. Starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen.

In May 2013, the Okee Dokee Brothers embarked on a month-long trek on the Appalachian Trail. They hiked, camped, met mountain musicians, and wrote the songs that make up their second adventure album, Through the Woods. As a follow-up to their Grammy Award-winning album this documentary invites viewers and listeners along for a journey full of camping, old-time mountain music, miles of hiking—and a few shenanigans.

As childhood friends growing up in Denver, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing were always exploring the outdoors. Whether rafting down their neighborhood creek or discovering hiking trails through the Rocky Mountains, Joe and Justin were born adventurers. Now, as the GRAMMY® Award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers, they have put this passion for the outdoors at the heart of their Americana Folk music and this film.

Joe and Justin record and perform family music with a goal to inspire children and their parents to get outside and experience nature. They believe this can motivate kids to gain a greater respect for the natural world, their communities and themselves. The three-time Parents’ Choice Award winners have garnered praise from the likes of NPR’s All Things Considered and USA Today, and have been called “two of family music’s best songwriters”. Their nationwide fan base is drawn to their witty lyrics, strong musicianship and unique folk style. By appealing to the musical tastes of the entire family and recognizing that kids deserve quality music, the Okee Dokee Brothers are working full-time to advance the family music genre.