This is not your Grandparent’s opera by Mozart! The title may sound familiar but that’s where the comparison ends. Take Mozart’s classic opera, mix in contemporary Harry Potter-esque elements, develop a budding love story between two time dimensions and you might be close to describing the narrative of this Magic Flute. Music in both worlds carries the day while Tim/Tamino’s epic quest to save a love in both worlds is put to the test.


A fairytale-like adventure that feels like part dream, part reality. A young man crash lands on a mysterious island and has to travel across it to find his way out. The challenge is not to get caught by a giant creature that won’t stop pursuing him. Whether the creature is real or just a manifestation of our hero’s inner demons is up for debate. There is  something rather rudimentary about the animation itself but the aesthetic only adds to the film’s strange and absorbing power, creating a hypnotizing atmosphere that, in its best moments, manages to spirit us away. Not a word is spoken but the film score speaks volumes. 

Latvia  / 2019 / no dialog / 75 min / Ages 10+ (malevolent creature that will not stop chasing) 


Rhode Island Premiere

Ancient legends warn children about the Abulele—enormous, furry, and sometimes dangerous monsters who are visible only to those children who need a friend. In this heartfelt family film, Adam, a young boy grieving the loss of his brother, discovers an Abulele living in his building. After sharing a soda (or two), they become close friends. Problems arise when an Israeli Special Force unit arrives to capture the spotted Abulele. Adam, realizing that it is humans who behave like monsters, risks everything to help save his friendly giant.


If you like a good ghost-mystery film with a little bit of fright, this is your film! Three teen girlfriends at summer camp find strange things everywhere: first, they must make friends with…boys?!  But even weirder is the mysterious room #213, empty for 60 years after a terrible tragedy, but now assigned to them. Yup, things go bump in the night buuut, without spoiling the plot, the narrative has no violence or unspeakable traumas to mention. Just a good story, great acting and imaginative special effects.


CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG has been charming audiences for 50 years! To mark its anniversary, PCFF introduces a new generation to this classic Ian Fleming story and Roald Dahl screenplay that takes us to faraway lands, introduces us to characters named Truly Scrumptious, Caractacus Potts, and the vehicular star, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! To those that may wonder, just what is a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Well it’s the name of a “fine four-fendered friend” who can fly, float, and drive by itself. Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes croon the most memorable songs one movie can possibly contain. Van Dyke quipped, “We’re going to out-Disney Disney!” and the film ultimately received a nomination for an Oscar, two Golden Globes and a Grammy.

The four Walker children (Swallows) have finally convinced their parents to let them set off on their own for a sailing adventure during summer vacation. The excursion quickly turns into a fierce turf war when they learn their island camp has been claimed by the boisterous Blackett sisters (Amazons), and find themselves caught in the midst of some nefarious international intrigue that’s landed in their sleepy byways. Based on the beloved English novels by Arthur Ransome, SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS is filled with dramas big and small—from a capsized picnic basket to a Russian spy campaign—that come together to create a fluidly captivating story of bravery set against the languorous beauty of the English countryside of 1935.


Based on Mary Stewart’s 1971 classic children’s book The Little Broomstick, MARY AND THE WITCH’S FLOWER is an action-packed animation full of jaw-dropping imaginative worlds, ingenious characters, and the simple, heartfelt story of a young girl trying to find a place in the world. Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (animator on SPIRITED AWAY, HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE and PONYO). Featuring the voices of Academy Award®-winners Kate Winslet and Jim Broadbent.

New England Premiere

The therapeutic power of storytelling is at the forefront of this genre-defying documentary. Swaziland is a tiny country with the world’s highest HIV infection rate. A tragic consequence are the estimated 200,000 orphans now needing care, many traumatized beyond just losing their parents. At one orphanage, healing takes place through collective storywriting borne from the children’s personal experiences. The result is the powerful story of Liyana, a brave and determined girl who sets out to save her abducted twin brothers from many forms of peril. Where the children take Liyana in the story is where they are working to be in life.

Wickie longs to be a big, strong Viking like his father, Halvar. When Halvar is kidnapped, it’s Wickie’s brain that must save his father and not his under-developed Viking brawn. He leads the men on this swashbuckling adventure as they set off over raging oceans, tropical beaches and dangerous icy wastelands, all in pursuit of the legendary treasure of the Gods (which contains the key to his father’s release). Suspending disbelief will ensure a smile on your face. Made by Christian Ditter, director of previous PCFF crowd favorites “The Crocodiles” (PCFF 2011) and ”Crocodiles Strike Back” (PCFF 2012).

“This letter is for the king… It’s vital to his country and to yours. Now that I can’t take it, you have to do it But beware. Enemies are everywhere.”

When a dying knight speaks these words to Tiuri, pushing a mysterious letter into the adolescent’s hands, the young squire must embark on a dangerous mission to save his kingdom. Though not yet a knight, Tiuri is forced to summon the courage and cunning of a seasoned veteran to complete this quest. Through dark woods and snowy mountains, Tiuri is pursued by thieves, spies and the ruthless Red Riders, all intent on stopping him before he can reach his goal. But by never forgetting the importance of friendship and the value of keeping a promise, Tiuri learns that you don’t need a sword and shield to act with the gallantry of a knight.

Director Pieter Verhoeff brings Tiuri’s quest to the screen in true epic style. The stunning natural settings will transport viewers to a medieval world of clashing swords, daring escapes and horseback chases. Based on the book by Tonke Dragt, “The Letter for the King” is a rich and exciting adventure story that celebrates the power of honesty and friendship.