Margot and Marguerite are 12-year-old girls who seem no different from any other youngsters with the usual family and peer problems. While they appear to have similar faces and body shapes, they wear different clothes and hairstyles, but the biggest difference between them is that one lives in 1942 and the other in 2020. When the girls crawled into a wooden chest they were magically sent into each other’s timeline, and because the girls look so similar their family and friends do not notice the swap.

The Worlds Around Us
Our world is richly infused with opportunities for discovery and revelation. This shorts reel will get you thinking about expanding your horizons beyond what meets the eye. The stories told here include: a raccoon discovering a flashlight in the forest; a cat with a duck problem and a fish store that was once part of Providence. Multi-national  / In English or no dialogue / 75 min / 8+

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

Cat Lake City
Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in CAT LAKE CITY – the cats´ vacation paradise. But one cat’s vacation is another duck’s opportunity to seize the day! (or blanket!)
Germany, 2019 / no dialogue  / Antje Heyn  / 7 min / Animation.

Six Musical Notes
Things are not always what they seem, sometimes it’s what you make of them. If Lili decides to follow the six little notes, it might be the greatest journey she’ll ever make.
France, 2019 / in French with English subtitles  / Toma Leroux   / 7 min / Live Action.

Keeper of the Fishes
Keeper of the Fishes is a story of a man who at an early age fell in love with fish. George Goulart operated a small aquarium store in Providence, RI and was known in town as the “Fish Dr.” His passion for fish goes beyond making their aquariums beautiful. He understood them in his own way and made sure to educate his customers on how to give fish the best lives possible. George proved day in and day out, that he was…The Keeper of the Fishes.
USA, 2017 / in English  / Carla Ricci   / 8.5 min / Documentary.

Over the seasons we follow a logger and his horse in the depths of the Ardennes forest, and see him live his passion through the eyes of an odd young girl…
Belgium, 2019 / in French with English subtitles  / Sébastien Pins  / 12 min / Live Action.

Legend of Toto
Somewhere in the middle of the desert there is an eagle named Toto. Toto does anything he can to protect his precious egg, but suddenly, a new threat appears. A snake invades Toto’s territory.
USA, 2019 / in English  / Blanca Montoya  / 2 min / Animation.

Small Spark
A small mouse loves reading books on adventures. When the reading candle goes out and the matchbox is empty, it’s her turn to live a of adventure in search of a small spark.
France, 2019 / no dialogue  / Julie Rembauville  / 3 min / Animation.

Slum Angel
Angel, a young girl living in an impoverished Ugandan community, inherits supernatural powers. Along with her best friend Abdul, a quick-witted street boy, the pair help neighbors in need with solving the mysteries they encounter.
USA-Uganda, 2019 / In Swahili with English subtitles and English  /Julia Barnett / 8.5 min / Live Action.

In Lisbon a German couple find themselves forced to be conductors of a runaway street car with a baby on board.
France, 2019 / no dialogue  /Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran / 5 min / Animation.

When a girl makes a magical discovery in her egg box, she sets out to discover which of her chickens laid the golden egg and whether she should sell it.
Australia, 2019 / in English  /Andrew O’Keefe / 5 min / Live Action.

Dolls Letters
A little girl loses her favorite doll, and, in order to soothe the child, an unfamiliar postman invents an incredible story.
Russia, 2016 / no dialogue  /Natalia Grofpel / 6.5 min / Animation.

Raccoon and a Light
The title says it all!
USA, 2018 / no dialogue  / Hanna Kim / 4 min / Animation.

Like Playing
The three children give free rein to their imagination while collecting metals, plastics and cartons that they sell at the end of the day to buy a bowl of tasty soup.
Peru, 2018 / in Spanish with English subtitles  / Berenice Adrianzen Zegarra / 20 min / Live Action.


Passionate Pursuits
Collection short synopsis:
People with a passion so strong, they live, practice, or focus more effort towards their goal than anything else they know. Get inspired, do stuff! This reel includes a muralist that wants to inspire creative action, two Palestinian boys needing one more soccer card for their collection and a flamingo that gives it his all on gymnastic rings. What’s your passionate pursuit?
Multi-national / In English or w/English subtitles / 75 min / Age 10+ / (one scene full of profanities)

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

A man runs out of gunpowder tea and goes through one heck of a time trying to get more!
France, 2019 / no dialogue / Romane Faure, Nathanael Perron, Léa Detrain, Benoît de Geyer d’Orth, Pei-Hsuan Lin, Anne-Lise Kubiak / 5.5 min / Animation.

ATHLETICUS: Anneaux en gymnastique artistique
A pink flamingo manages a great score on the gymnastic rings…? Something is fishy here!
France, 2019 / no dialogue / Nicolas Deveaux / 2 min / Animation.

Maradona’s Legs
During the 1990 World Cup, two young Palestinian boys are looking for “Maradona’s legs”; the last missing sticker that they need in order to complete their world cup album and win a free Atari.
Germany-Palestine, 2019 / in Arabic with English subtitles / Firas Khoury / 20 min / Live Action.

My Letter to the Oil Men
Papilou is a fourteen year old boy in Nigeria that lives on the edge of a heavily polluted piece of land. His backyard contains thousands of liters of crude oil due to a leak in a pipe. It affected the food grown around him. It forced his now separated family to move to the city. Papilou wants the oil pollution to be cleaned up. He writes a letter to Shell Oil who is responsible for the pollution. A protest has to start somewhere.
Netherlands-Nigeria, 2019 / in English / Xander de Boer / 15 min / Documentary.

During the fall of the Soviet Union the thirteen-year-old Nana comes from America to a small village near Budapest, where she meets Gau, a boy her age whom she befriends immediately. When her visit to Hungary comes to an end, the friends have to say a painful goodbye. Oceans apart, Gau hatches a plan to reunite with Nana… using a catapult?! Love has no bounds.
Hungary, 2019 / in Hungarian with English subtitles / Balázs Szövényi-Lux / 27 min / Live Action.

You can outgrow the bedroom you grew up in but you really never leave it behind.
Australia, 2019 / no dialogue / Matthew Koh / 4 min / Animation.

Five Minutes to Sea
The mother issues her decree: before you get back in the water, you have to take a break and sit quietly for five minutes. For the little girl, these five minutes feel like hours. Time slows down all around her as she watches bathers enjoy a day at the beach.
Russia, 2018 / in Russian with English subtitles / Natalia Mirzoyan / 7 min / Animation.

199 little heroes: Cynthia from Burundi
12 year old Cynthia lives in the poorest area of Burundi. Both parents died from Malaria. Her days start with fetching water without having any breakfast. She walks miles to school daily to seek an education with hopes of becoming a member of Parliament some day.
Germany-Burundi, 2018 / in Kirundi with English subtitles / Lina Luzyte / 12 min / Documentary.

Spirit: A Martian Story
NASA sought evidence of life on Mars. That search begins with water, and the search for water begins with the study of the rocks and the soil. That was the historic mission of the rovers SPIRIT and OPPORTUNITY. This is SPIRIT’S story.
USA, 2019 / in English / Stimson Snead / 10.5 min / Animation-Documentary.


Raised since infancy at a German astronaut training facility can lead to some interesting personality traits. Self reliant, confident and one of a kind could all be said to describe 11 year old Rocca. With her father on a space mission she must now attend a normal school for the first time.  Her carefree and uber-confident ways instantly stand out. From the class bully to the homeless man she befriends on the way to school, the world around Rocca can’t help but be changed by her fearless optimism and caring for others as she herself learns to adjust to the new world around her. 


Germany  / 2019 / German with English subtitles / 101 min / Ages 10+ (early life tragedy, bullying, some profanity) 


Their swords drawn and mighty laser guns at the ready, Sune, his younger brother and his best friend Sophie regularly embark on epic fantasy battles. Yet as the summer holidays draw to an end, ten-year-old Sune has a different challenge waiting for him in the real world: a new classmate, whose name is also Sune. This new boy is making quite an impression on the other students and even Sophie too! In fear of losing Sophie to his namesake and eventual nemesis, Sune decides to reinvent himself, with tumultuous consequences. Sometimes being yourself IS the best way to be!

Sweden  / 2018 / In Swedish with English subtitles / 89 min / Ages 8+ (mild profanity) 


BABE is celebrating its 25th anniversary year!?! (We couldn’t believe it either.) As Roger Ebert wrote about this unique and amazing film, “BABE is a movie made with charm and wit, and unlike some family movies it does not condescend, not for a second. It believes it is OK to use words a child might not know…and instead of the usual contrived melodrama of most kids’ pictures, this one develops a story that depends on the character and upbringing of the animals involved. It knows things, and teaches lessons.” Enuf said!  

Australia  / 1995 / in English / 91 min / All Ages


CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG has been charming audiences for 50 years! To mark its anniversary, PCFF introduces a new generation to this classic Ian Fleming story and Roald Dahl screenplay that takes us to faraway lands, introduces us to characters named Truly Scrumptious, Caractacus Potts, and the vehicular star, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! To those that may wonder, just what is a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Well it’s the name of a “fine four-fendered friend” who can fly, float, and drive by itself. Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes croon the most memorable songs one movie can possibly contain. Van Dyke quipped, “We’re going to out-Disney Disney!” and the film ultimately received a nomination for an Oscar, two Golden Globes and a Grammy.

The four Walker children (Swallows) have finally convinced their parents to let them set off on their own for a sailing adventure during summer vacation. The excursion quickly turns into a fierce turf war when they learn their island camp has been claimed by the boisterous Blackett sisters (Amazons), and find themselves caught in the midst of some nefarious international intrigue that’s landed in their sleepy byways. Based on the beloved English novels by Arthur Ransome, SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS is filled with dramas big and small—from a capsized picnic basket to a Russian spy campaign—that come together to create a fluidly captivating story of bravery set against the languorous beauty of the English countryside of 1935.


Based on Mary Stewart’s 1971 classic children’s book The Little Broomstick, MARY AND THE WITCH’S FLOWER is an action-packed animation full of jaw-dropping imaginative worlds, ingenious characters, and the simple, heartfelt story of a young girl trying to find a place in the world. Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (animator on SPIRITED AWAY, HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE and PONYO). Featuring the voices of Academy Award®-winners Kate Winslet and Jim Broadbent.

Two orphaned siblings (ten-year-old Pari and her brother, eight-year-old Chotu) leave an abusive aunt in search for medical help to bring back Chotu’s eyesight. In a mystical tale they encounter the best and the worst of Indian society on their search for a Bollywood star who offers financial assistance. During their quest you can feel the heat, smell the curries, enjoy the colors and music from the other side of the world.

Winner BEST FILM Generation KPlus Berlin Crystal Bear 2015