Call for 2018 Festival Film Submissions!

THE SUBMISSION WINDOW IS NOW CLOSED for the 9th Annual Providence Children’s Film Festival. We will begin accepting submissions for the 2019 Festival in May.

PCFF welcomes international films including documentary, live action, animated, experimental and youth-made films that inspire our viewers to think about the world in a new way.

The Providence Children’s Film Festival (PCFF) presents the best of independent and international children’s cinema to inspire, delight, educate and connect a diverse community of children and families from Rhode Island and throughout New England.

The 9th Annual Providence Children’s Film Festival will return February 16 – 25, 2018. The annual Festival brings the world to our children and community through important films made from extraordinary, often unrecognized filmmakers from all over the globe. Each year we search for films appropriate for youth and children with interesting stories that offer wisdom and multiple cultural perspectives and connections across all ages. Through our thoughtfully selected films, we hope to demonstrate the artistry and craft of filmmaking and provide opportunities to discuss the stories, people and connections from near and far.

The PCFF Film Jury selects films with content that speaks positively to young audiences and families from culturally diverse backgrounds. Please consider submitting if you have created work that can speak to all, including children and/or teens. We seek films that are entertaining and/or challenging to young minds with serious, true-to-life topics and narratives that may span a range of emotions. The film need not have a “storybook” ending to find a place in our Festival. PCFF welcomes foreign films with subtitles, documentaries, live action, animation and even experimental films that may inspire our viewers to think about the world in a new way.




Or submit using the 2018 PCFF online submission entry form:

  • For 2018 General Festival Film Submissions Application (Download 2018 General PDF).
  • Are you a Youth Filmmaker (age 17 and under)? Please consider submitting your film to the 2018 Youth Filmmaker Showcase (YFS). Click here for the 2018 YFS submission details. (Download 2018 YFS PDF).

Paypal is available for film submission payment. Click PayPal button below: