6 assorted workshops for ages 6 – 14
February 8 & 9, 2014 at RISD

Green Screen This!, Flip Out! With Post Its!!!, Lightpainting!, Animating the Festival Poster, Animation from A-Z, Lip Sync

2014 PCFF Workshops Reel

With Amy Lovera

In this Workshop, kids ages 10-15 experimented with animating cut paper characters of their own design. It was screened at the Rhode Island School of Design as part of the Providence Children’s Film Festival.

Kids aged 8 to 11 made these animations in a 2-hour animation workshop at the Providence Children’s Film Festival in 2012. They were given various objects to animate under the camera, and also did a pixilated film with RISD film student Annie Zhao. Annie LaVigne taught the workshop and edited the animations together with sound.

With Annie LaVigne
RISD student Jiaying Lee served as a teaching assistant.

Providence Children’s Film Festival Animation from A to Z Workshop Reel 2012 from Annie LaVigne on Vimeo.

Kids aged 7-10 made this film in the 3-hour Pixilation Workshop at the 2011 Providence Children’s Film Festival. They came up with their own ideas to animate with their bodies and acted them out frame by frame.

Annie LaVigne was the workshop instructor, assisted by Caleb Wood and Derrick Wycherly. Annie LaVigne edited the film and added sound.