PCFF Filmmaking Workshops February 8 & 9, 2014

6 assorted workshops for ages 6 – 14.

All workshops took place in the RISD Auditorium Building (entrance on Market Square), 17 Canal Walk, Providence.

Saturday, February 8
Green Screen This!
Saturday, 9am-Noon
Ages 10-14
Instructor: Carissa Abitabilo

Ever wondered how a green screen works? In this workshop students learn the fundamentals of green screening special effects and take turns filming themselves in front of a green screen first then constructing backgrounds based on their own artwork to place themselves in. Cost: $45. Includes material and equipment fee.

Animating the Festival Poster
Saturday, 9am-Noon
Ages 6-10
Instructor: Rob Verdino

Want to bring the Providence Children’s Film Festival 2014 poster to life? Come help us animate the trains, planes and automobiles and even the text of this year’s poster! In this class students will learn how to animate on a path to make things move in a realistic way. We’ll watch sample films in which objects are animated under the camera, and then give it a try ourselves using cut-out elements from this year’s poster. Cost: $45. Includes material and equipment fee.

Flip Out! With Post Its!!!
Saturday, 1pm-4pm
Ages 6-10
Instructor: Anny Guerzon

Post-its come alive! Students animate several stacks of themed post-its to see how things can jump, fly, and leap across the page. Images are drawn by hand and photographed in teams. Teacher and assistant responsible for sequencing images in post. Cost: $45. Includes material and equipment fee.
Sunday, February 9

Sunday, 9am-Noon
Ages 10-14
Instructor: Anny Guerzon

Simple flashlights become our paintbrushes in this workshop. Using a dark room, and flashlights students generate moving light with long exposure photography. We will make simple, repeated shapes with our light source to generate the illusion of glowing, animated light. Cost: $45. Includes material and equipment fee.

Animation from A-Z
Sunday, 10am-Noon
Ages 6-10
Instructor: Lynn Kim

What do Bananagrams, Bendaroos, Pasta, Pennies and People all have in common? They can be animated! In this class students will animate under the camera and in the hallway using their choice of a wide variety of materials including: Bananagrams, Bendaroos, pasta, Skittles, coins, paper and themselves. We’ll also watch a selection of short animations. Cost: $35. Includes material and equipment fee.

Lip Sync
Sunday, 1pm-4pm
Ages 8-12
Instructor: Liz Chun

Wanna make one of your drawings talk? Ever wondered how that happens? In this class we show you just how to do that. Students create a simple character of their own to animate a prerecorded set of phrases. Cost: $45. Includes material and equipment fee.