PCFF Family Film Jury Nights @ The Athenaeum

c332d9fd-1bcd-4f0b-9318-ffb183caa88dFriday, September 25 and Wednesday, October 14 from 6:30-8:30pm

Release your inner critic! Help us select films for the 2016 Providence Children’s Film Festival. Join PCFF and the Providence Athenaeum for this year’s first film jury roundup. Learn about basic film elements and how to use the PCFF rating system. Young, old and everyone in between is invited to share their critical comments after each short film (kids go first). You will be surprised to see what is “obviously good” to some reviewers is “downright disagreeable” to others…BUT be ready to explain. PCFF Director of Programming Eric Bilodeau moderates this lively and always enjoyable event. Refreshments and popcorn will be served!
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