Undeniably INDIA! (PCFF Shorts Collection)

Director(s): Multiple
Country: India
Language: Hindi w/ English subtitles, In English
Multiple Film Types | 2015 | 96 min
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: cultural differences regarding child discipline)

Curated by our director of programming, this selection of animation, live action, musicals and documentaries will pique your curiosity, challenge your senses and spark the imagination!

Does a country with more than a BILLION people have stories to tell? This compilation reel overwhelmingly confirms such a ridiculous question. From the countryside to the city streets, here are five films with stories portraying the lives of kids in a world as beautiful as it is new to many of us.

    100 RUPEES
    Finding a costume for a school event turns into an obsession for Arvind, a shy ten-year-old boy living a simple life in a remote village in Karnataka, India with his mother, grandfather and friends. Arvind realizes that costume could be his best shot at impressing smart and pretty Indu, his so-near-yet-so-far classmate. She makes his heart go cartwheeling though he only admires her from a distance. To obtain the costume, he takes without asking then realizes the harm of his actions and makes amends. The costume he ends up chosing represents his powerful actions.
    India, 2015 / Hindi w/English subtitles / Prashanth Raj / 20 min
    Live Action

    Young Veeru eats, sleeps and dreams cricket and works hard to hone his bowling skills. But will he be able to overcome not just his poverty but also his failures in order to pursue his passion?  An inspiring story of beating all odds to follow one’s dream.
    India, 2015 / Hindi w/English subtitles / Abhishek Sinha / 21 min
    Live Action

    Fifteen-year-old Emon has lost interest in her studies and becomes aggressive with her friends. At home, her father drinks alcohol and is abusive towards her mother. She finds respite through martial arts training which helps us channel her energies and stand up for what’s right.
    India, 2015 / Hindi w/English subtitles / Kenny Basumatary / 20 min
    Live Action

    Fifteen-year-old Saqib finds himself trapped in a time loop. A Sunday in his life keeps repeating and the only way out is to manage his time well and complete all his tasks within a particular day.
    India, 2015 / English and Hindi w/English subtitles / Ruckshana Tabassum / 22 min
    Live Action

    This beautifully shot film with a haunting soundtrack tells a story of a young girl with a pet goat. She realizes that having something to love means you need to make some difficult decisions.
    India, 2015 / Punjabi w/English Subtitles / Honey B. Singh / 13 min
    Live Action