The Asphalt Sun (Асфальтовое солнце)

Director(s): Ilya Khotinenko
Country: Russian Federation
Language: in Russian w/English subtitles
Live Action | 2021 | 90 mins
Genre: Drama
Recommended for ages 13+ (Parental Guidance: 13+ is for profanity, sexual references, smoking, alcohol)

U.S. Premiere!!

Just at a time when Russia is behaving like the Soviet Union of yore PCFF IS premiering THE ASPHALT SUN. This film is an amazing time capsule with its re-creation of an era when Brezhnev was President, people schemed ways to defect to the west, consumer goods were scarce and skateboard culture was just arriving. If you couldn’t afford a skateboard, you made one!

The film follows 15-year-old Artyom’s tumultuous relationships with friends, family and a young woman he adores but is unable to express his feelings for. Skateboarding becomes his sanctuary while he tries to navigate his life to a place of confidence and resolution.

Great acting, outstanding cinematography and a narrative that anyone who was, is, or will be fifteen might relate to.