Salaam Dunk

Director(s): David Fine
Country: United States
Language: In English, Kurdish and Arabic w/ English subtitles
Documentary | 2012 | 81 min
Genre: Sport
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: Visual-emotional effects of war)

Director David Fine’s documentary takes something many American youths are familiar with (basketball), and moves us on a true-life journey to a land many of us are unfamiliar with (Iraq). The result is extraordinary. “Salaam Dunk” is an insightful look into young Iraqi life as experienced by a current women’s college basketball team. The players are a fascinating and genuinely inspiring bunch, and the squad’s mere existence provides a stirring example of the possibilities for young Iraqis outside the country’s war zones. What they overcome on the court, you have seen in other movies; what they must overcome in their Iraqi society, you have not.

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Chicago International Film Festival 2012, Gold Plaque; Florida Film Festival 2012, Grand Jury Award; Nashville Film Festival 2012, Grand Jury Award