Películas y Palomitas!

Director(s): Multiple directors
Country: Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay
Language: Spanish w/ English subtitles
Multiple Film Types | 2020, 2021 | 76 mins
Recommended for ages 8+ (Parental Guidance: Age recommendation is based on the need to read subtitles, bullying, death of an animal.)

This year PCFF decided to change the title of our Spanish language shorts reel from CineEspañol into Películas y Palomitas! If we were in-person we would provide the popcorn. Being that we are virtual, ask your parents to do it! 🙂 This years films on Películas y Palomitas! come from Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay. The stories expressed include a girl that pretends to be invited to a classmate’s birthday party (CLAIRE EGG WHITE); a bird whose call reminds a woman of her Grandfather (PHONOS); and a young girl who enrolls in a piñata making competition with unanticipated results (LA PIÑATA).

CLAIRE EGG WHITE (Clara de huevo) – Clare has never been invited to a birthday party, but now she’s preparing for her very first. Will the school bullies get in the way? (2020 / 13 mins / Uruguay / dirs. Sol Infante, Andrea Treszczan / in Spanish w/English subtitles or no dialogue)

THE HOUSE OF MEMORY (La casa de la memoria) – An old man lives with his memories, captured on film and carefully cataloged in a library. But what happens when those films begin to deteriorate?  (2020 / 13 mins / Mexico / dir. Sofía Rosales Arreola / no dialogue)

MY GRANDMOTHER MATHILDE (Mi Abuela Matilde) – Playful, imaginative, little Maria and her hard-working grandmother Mathilde come into conflict over how a day is best spent. They learn more about each other as the day goes on. (2021 / 10 mins / Mexico / dir. Miguel Anaya Borja / no dialogue)

MIST (Niebla) – Nicolas is a kid who has moved with his parents to the suburbs near to an ancient fog forest. The place takes on a new meaning when he starts to have mysterious encounters with native animals. He will discover a forest full of life and will understand the important connections between humans and nature. (2020 / 11 mins / Colombia / dir. Leonardo Romero / in Spanish w/English subtitles.)

PHONOS (Fonos) – Cloe loves listening to and discovering music with her grandfather. When he dies, she puts away the bottles of sounds she collected during her time with him. Not until she hears a unique birdcall does she confront the emotions bottled up inside of her.  (2021 / 9 mins / Mexico / dir. Gabriela Badillo / no dialogue)

THE PIÑATA (La piñata) – Lorena enters the school pinata contest hoping to win a bike being offered as the grand prize. As can happen, a design you had in mind in the beginning might differ from what gets created in the end. Sometimes giving it a name can change the perception of what others see. (2021 / 14 mins / Mexico / dir. Verónica Ramírez / in Spanish w/English subtitles)


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