My Brother Chases Dinosaurs (Mio Fratello Rincorre i Dinosauri)

Director(s): Stefano Cipani
Country: Italy
Language: in Italian (w/English subtitles)
Live Action | 2019 | 101
Genre: Drama, Family
Recommended for ages 13+ (Parental Guidance: Rating is based on drug use, profanity, sexual references, and smoking. )

PCFF 2021 WINNER Special Jury Award Best Narrative Feature!

Jack raves about his younger brother Gio, whom he believes to have superpowers. As he grows older he realizes that his brother is special in other ways. In a moment of uncertainty, Jack decides to deny having a brother from his classmates. But he failed to take into account that a brother like Gio is a personality impossible to deny to anyone. The consequences are a hard lesson learned in this poignant, humorous coming-of-age-story full of clashing emotions. Will Jack dare be as natural as his brother? Based on a true story.

PCFF Awards
Winner PCFF Special Jury Award Best Narrative Feature 2021

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