More Than A Selfie

Country: Multi-national
Language: English w/ some English subtitles
Multiple Film Types | 2019 | 77 min
Recommended for ages 13+ (Parental Guidance: 13+)

More Than A Selfie 2020
How many selfies do you take and like? You are so much more than one image could capture. This shorts compilation shares stories of developing or accepting one’s own identity. The stories from around the world include a young woman who is torn wanting to do well at school but at what cost…? A girl who hates her name until she finds out who it’s from and a young man with a talent for photography… with film! These stories (and others) might expand the way you identify with the world around you.
Multi-national / in English or with English subtitles / 74 min / 13+ (profanity, parental alcoholism)

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

A Million Eyes
A gifted young photographer, grappling with his mother’s alcoholism, sets out to capture something he loves.
USA, 2019 / in English / Richard Raymond / 24 min / Live Action.

Post No Bills
On an urban city wall plastered with posters Noodle Boy must face his fears and make his way through a series of obstacles and challenges in order to save Miss Fortune from the city’s clean up crew.
Canada, 2018 / no dialogue / Robin Hayes / 6 min / Animation.

She Who Wasn’t Tamed
Hanie, a highschool student tries her best to not to disappoint her parents and her teacher at the poetry competition. After meeting Ghazal her priorities change significantly.
Iran, 2019 / in Farsi with English subtitles / Saleh Kashefi / 15 min / Live Action.

Dela is a beautiful little girl with a mind of her own. She lives with her dad, a cook, on the magical island of Itaparica in Brazil’s Bay of All Saints. Dela does not understand why the kids at school make fun of her name and her hair. But she is determined to sort it out.
Brazil-South Africa, 2019 / in Portuguese with English subtitles / Bernard Attal / 8.5 min / Live Action.

Invincible Boy
A wildly imaginative boy’s mission to become a superhero is challenged when his optimistic view of the world begins to crumble.
USA, 2019 / in English / Julian Park / 20 min / Live Action.

A young man’s world is turned upside down during a school field trip to the art museum.
USA, 2019 / in English / Chris Heck / 6 min / Live Action.