Molly Monster

Director(s): Ted Sieger, Michael Ekblad, Matthias Bruhn
Country: Germany
Language: In English
Animation | 2016 | 72 min
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

Molly lives an idyllic childhood that other young monsters could only dream of. A loving family surrounds her in a comfortable home full of friends and toys. Change is on the way though when her Mother and Father announce a monster egg is soon to be hatched! MOLLY MONSTER plays with the theme of becoming a sister or a brother and the excitement that comes with it from the point of view of a small child. The film is enchanting and entertaining while exploring the nervous anticipation of a new family member’s arrival.

Best European Children's Film 2016, Buff International Film Festival (Malmö, Sweden)
Best Animation Film 2016, Shanghai International Film Festival

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