Magic Carpet Ride

Language: English or no dialogue
Multiple Film Types | 2019 | 70 min
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: All ages )

Magic Carpet Ride 2020
Jump on the PCFF magic carpet and get ready to ride! Every year we explore the cinematic wonders of the world from many different countries. No genie needed! The stories this year include giraffes giving some sound basketball shooting tips to an elephant, a group of forest animals having their own Tour de France and a squirrel conductor preparing for a nocturnal opera. This year’s reel will transport you from as close as New York City to as far away as Russia.

Multi-national / in English or no dialog / 70 min /All Ages

Film lineup is subject to change without notice.

Deep into a forest, a gathering of wild animals start a nocturnal opera, conducted by a squirrel.
France, 2019 / no dialogue / Illogic / 2 min / Animation.

A Town Called Panic – The County Fair
Cowboy and Indian use time travel to figure out where Horse left the tickets to the County Fair. Sounds weird and confusing? You bet it is… and very funny!
France-Belgium, 2019 / in English / Vincent Patar, Stéphane Aubier / 26 min / Animation.

Athleticus: Gardien de gymnase
When giraffes offer you basketball shooting advice, you take it! Especially if you’re shooting with a trunk.

France, 2019 / no dialogue / Nicolas Deveaux / 2 min / Animation.

Last Day of Autumn
Forest animals gather one last time before winter arrives to have a friendly bike race through the woods.
France-Switzerland-Belgium, 2019 / no dialogue / Marjolaine Perreten / 7.5 min / Animation.

My Volcano
My Volcano tells the story of a difficult friendship between a volcano and a kid who lives on a volcanic island.
Netherlands, 2019 / in English / Sarah Pannekoek / 2.5 min / Animation.

FLIPPED explores the absurdity of a world where the roles of kids and adults are switched.
UK, 2018 / no dialogue / Hend Esmat, Lamiaa Diab / 5 min / Animation.

He Who Tamed the Clouds
At the top of a canyon the old Indian Flying Shadow teaches the young Nayati the ancient art of smoke signals.
France, 2015 / no dialogue / Nicolas Bianco-Levrin / 4.5 min / Animation.

A grandmother’s eating style inspires her grandson to become a problem solver.
France, 2017 / no dialogue / Florent Hill / 4 min / Live Action.

Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant
A little boy helps his blind mother experience an art gallery in a surprising and unusual way.
Australia, 2017 / in English / Genevieve Clay-Smith / 3 min / Live Action.

Jules & Jett Fly a Kite
A brother and sister robot solve problems and have adventures together. And like with most siblings, sometimes they get into trouble along the way.
USA, 2019 / in English / Tony Dusko / 1.5 min / Animation.

The Imaginary Friends Shop
Edgar, a mysterious artisan who owns a little hidden shop, meets the sweet Lucie, a little girl with dreaming eyes and a curious request.
Italy, 2019 / no Dialogue / 6 min / Animation.