Magic Carpet Ride 2021

Country: Multi-national
Language: English or no dialogue
Animation | | 67 mins
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

Jump on the PCFF carpet and get ready to ride! This year’s MAGIC CARPET RIDE transports you to a crazy variety of animated lands including Korea, the Czech Republic, Norway, Germany, Russia, and France. The stories and styles range as widely as the countries themselves. By the end you will have met a boat that wants to fly, a clam that was shy and a Fussel! (Don’t worry, they’re friendly!)


PATCHWORK CLAM – Patchwork Clam has a problem: she can´t play because she´s way too shy! Will the Patchwork Pals find a way to make her come out of her shell? (2020 / 4 mins / Germany / dir. Angela Steffen / animation / in English / all ages)

SATURDAY’S APARTMENT – Oh the joys and challenges of living in an apartment building where sound travels easily. It could drive some to want to turn the place upside down! (2018 / 7 mins / Republic of Korea / dir. Jeon Seungbae / animation / no dialogue / all ages)

ATHLETICUS: The Encounter – A turtle “meeting” a puffin leads to the birth of an epic figure skating couple! (2019 / 3 mins / France / Nicolas Deveaux / animation / no dialogue / all ages)

THE PIT – The camera flies over a desolate cosmic landscape and descends towards a procession of strange, possibly extraterrestrial creatures. The foreman of the group picks a suitable spot and the whole multiplying colony starts excavating a pit. What they excavate they eat and divide among their mem bers, who increase in numbers and improve their mining methods. They encounter various natural disasters that ruin their efforts – but the colonists always rise from the ruins and continue their work. We do unequivocally sympathize… till the moment when we realize where we really are!  (2019 / 9 mins / Czech Republic / Markéta Kubátová Smolíková / animation / no dialogue / all ages)

PATCHWORK PENGUIN (Der Pinguin auf meiner Schmusedecke) – Patchwork Penguin has a problem: he wants to run fast, but he doesn´t know how! Will the Patchwork Pals find a way to help him? (2020 / 4 mins. / Germany / dir. Angela Steffen / in English / all ages)

LITTLE GREY WOLF: Fall Travelers (Den Vesle Grå Ulven. Høstreisende) – Fall is upon us, the days getting cold. Birds flying South, a sight to behold! Little Grey Wolfy also wishes to go on trip with the birds, to warm lands with no snow, where bears do not sleep in the wintertime. The only problem is that Wolfy and his friends have no wings to fly. However, their good boundless imagination comes to the rescue! They fly high in the sky, faster than birds, in a speedy little plane. But can they escape from the winter? (2020 / 6 mins / Norway / dir. Natalia Malykhina / in English / all ages)

BIG AND SMALL – A child’s pocket can be a place for incredible events. (2020 / 6 mins / Russian Federation / dir. Natalia Grofpel / no dialogue / all ages)

THE LITTLE BOAT THAT WANTED TO FLY – The title says it ALL!!  (2020 / 7 mins / Russian Federation / dir. Ekaterina Filippova / Russian w/English subtitles / all ages)

WARM STAR – An owl is a caretaker of the sky accidentally drops a star that lands on Earth and is found by children playing. What does it take for the star make it back into the heavens? (2020 / 4.5 mins / Russian Federation / dir. Anna Kuzina / no dialogue / all ages)

ATHLETICUS: Sled – End of the day for the bobsleigh managers which means it’s time to party – and stuff yourself with fish. (2020 / 3 mins / France / dir. Nicolas Deveaux / no dialogue / all ages)

THE KINDERGARTEN SHOW (Le Spectacle de maternelle) – In a theatre, an owl schoolmaster tries to present the year-end kindergarten show. Unfortunately, the evening does not go as planned because one unforeseen event after another occurs even before the curtain rises. (2019 / 8 mins / France / dir. Loic Bruyere / no dialogue / all ages)

FUSSEL – Fussel is a friendly monster who is determined to follow and pick up a long piece of red string. A REALLY long piece. Along the way, he makes friends that share his pursuit. In the end, it’s not necessarily where you wind up on the journeys of your life, but how you got there can be just as important. (2019 / 5 mins / Germany / dir. Alex Berweck / no dialogue / all ages)