The Letter for the King (De brief voor de koning)

Director(s): Pieter Verhoeff
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch w/ English subtitles
Live Action | 2008 | 107 min
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: Sword fight violence)

“This letter is for the king… It’s vital to his country and to yours. Now that I can’t take it, you have to do it But beware. Enemies are everywhere.”

When a dying knight speaks these words to Tiuri, pushing a mysterious letter into the adolescent’s hands, the young squire must embark on a dangerous mission to save his kingdom. Though not yet a knight, Tiuri is forced to summon the courage and cunning of a seasoned veteran to complete this quest. Through dark woods and snowy mountains, Tiuri is pursued by thieves, spies and the ruthless Red Riders, all intent on stopping him before he can reach his goal. But by never forgetting the importance of friendship and the value of keeping a promise, Tiuri learns that you don’t need a sword and shield to act with the gallantry of a knight.

Director Pieter Verhoeff brings Tiuri’s quest to the screen in true epic style. The stunning natural settings will transport viewers to a medieval world of clashing swords, daring escapes and horseback chases. Based on the book by Tonke Dragt, “The Letter for the King” is a rich and exciting adventure story that celebrates the power of honesty and friendship.

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