Gus Outdoors: Lizard Town

Director(s): Sean Nightingale
Country: United States
Language: In English
Documentary | 2010 | 30 min
Genre: Adventure
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

Gus from PCFF 2010’s “Gull Island” returns in full form with his latest nature series installment: a trip to the Bahamas to meet some of the country’s many spectacular creatures. Children will be captivated as Gus explores the pristine islands in search of lizards, iguanas and snakes. To cool off, Gus plunges into the gem-like water and snorkels with beautiful sea creatures. “Gus Outdoors: Lizard Town” is an adventurous mix of animal identification and personal encounters that delivers an entertaining, yet educational presentation that promotes a tremendous respect for nature.

International Wildlife Film Festival 2011, Best Amateur Film

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