Good Game: The Beginning

Director(s): Umut Aral
Country: Turkey
Language: English or no dialogue, Turkish with English subtitles
Live Action | 2019 | 115 min
Genre: Drama
Recommended for ages 13+ (Parental Guidance: 13+)
Themes: competition

The film ROCKY employed boxing for the hero’s quest. KARATE KID had karate. GOOD GAME introduces a first for PCFF by setting the film in the world’s fastest growing spectator sport, e-Sports!  It’s hard to deny a “sport” that has become a billion dollar industry worldwide. Universities are now giving scholarships to entice gamers there way and the Olympics are now considering them! …? Cenk is living a directionless life working odd jobs by day and a gamer for hire at night for B-league teams. He gets invited on to a premiere team headed for success but can he handle the pressure?!  

Turkey  / 2018 / In Turkish with English subtitles / 115 min / Ages 13+ (profanity, a short scene of fighting) 


Sarajevo Film Festival (Serbia) 2019- Winner Young Audience Award
KIDS FIRST! Film Festival (New Mexico) 2019 - Official Selection
San Diego International Children’s Film Festival 2019 - Official Selection
Adelaide International Youth Film Festival (Australia) 2019 - Official Selection

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