Free to Be

Director(s): Multiple Directors
Country: Canada, France, Sweden, United States
Language: English, musical, or no dialogue
Multiple Film Types | 2024 | 76 min
Recommended for ages 10+ (Parental Guidance: Ages 10+ for bullying)

This program celebrates stories of unique, fun, and ferocious folks who are rejecting stereotypes and living their authentic selves. Young romance, gender journeys and coming-of-age are all explored.

Films and film line-up are subject to change without notice.

AAAAH!- “Aaaah!”, the multi-purpose word for pain, surprise, fear, joy, anger and more, takes center stage in this clever collection of everyday moments in a kid’s life. ( 2022/ 4.5 min/ France/ dir. Osman Cerfon/ non-verbal)

ALL I EVER WANTED- Rom-com obsessed teen Christine has always longed for the picture-perfect romance – but she’s soon confronted with the fact that her ideal prince charming might actually be a princess charming instead. ( 2021/ 14.5 min/ USA/ dir. Erin Lau/ English and Vietnamese)

BAY CREEK TENNIS CAMP- “Bay Creek Tennis Camp” is a timely and refreshing take on the cross-generation disconnect around gender inclusivity. In the film, Coach Charlie has been doing things his way for decades. But the Generation Alpha kids who join his camp this year won’t stand for being split by gender—and they decide to teach him a lesson in a charming and amusing way. (2023/ 8.5 min/ USA/ dir. Michele Meek/ English)

CUPIDS-What is the most important thing on the last day of school before summer break? Well, if you’re Mia, Natalie and Jabari you frantically search for a date for Ms. Cheryl, the most beloved bus driver of all time! As they race against time before their stop, these eight year-olds burst into action to find a match-up with the people that have made the biggest impact on their lives. From the Bodega man with “all the meats” to their Principal, nobody is off limits as a possible courtship. This love letter to New York’s essential workers captures the whimsy comedy of a child’s imagination as they try to save Ms. Cheryl from a lonely summer void of school children, destined to a life on the sofa surrounded by cats. ( 2021/ 10 min/ USA/ dir. Zoey Martinson/ English)

PITOC E ICINAKOSIAN- Gerry and their big brother Jos show us that there is more to being different than bullying, discrimination and harassment. (2020/ 6 min/ Canada/ dir. Jos-Onimskiw Ottawa-Dubé, Gerry Ottawa/ French and English)

SHOWER BOYS- After a heated training match with the team, twelve-year-old Viggo and Noel go home to challenge each other’s limits and masculinity. A sudden stop to an innocent game questions what a male friendship is allowed to be. (2021/ 9 min/ Sweden/ dir. Christian Zetterberg/ Swedish w/ English Subtitles)

SO MUCH TO OFFER- Lyndzi uses her own experience of being treated unfairly as a plus-sized person to raise people’s attention toward body positivity. (2022/ 5.5 min/ United States/ dir. Cullen Burt, Grant Cosko, Xingyu (Vicky) Gu, Hunter Hartz, Aliiv Jiao, Saleen Lee, Alison Ma, Brisa Parra, Shelby Pine, Lyndzi Ramos, Tricia Saputera, Hanyu Sun, Kaan Ust, Elaine Wong, Rosemary Wu, Ella Zhou/ English)