First Impressions

Director(s): Multiple directors
Country: Multi-national
Language: English, musical, or no dialogue
Multiple Film Types | 2021 | 62 mins
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: DUET tells the story of a death in the family.)

This is our first First Impressions reel ever. The films on this reel are curated for the youngest minds. Some narratives are driven by music like GRUMPY TIME CLUB, TAVI’S SONG and LITTLE CLOUDS. Others use a wide array of animation styles to tell some funny stories like LITTLE SNOWMAN, some thought-provoking like MY NAME IS FEAR and even some sad stories like DUET. You might notice (or not) but by the end you will have “visited” eight different countries through film.

BELLYSAURUS – A tiny dinosaur dreams she is a scary big dinosaur. When danger strikes, she learns it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Literally. (2021 / 8 mins / Australia / dir. Philip Watts / no dialogue)

CHILDREN OF GAINMORE: How They Found It – One morning, a magical meteorite crashed in the backyard of a very special kindergarten. Little do they know Professor Yarn is on the way to claim their meteorite as his for he has studied this object’s deviations, rotations, vibrations, oscillations, ionizations, excitations and sublimations for years! As soon as the meteorite is picked up, a magical adventure starts, which can soften even the greediest of professors. (2021 / 9 mins / Czech Republic / dir. Petr Mischinger / in English)

COOL FOR YOU – What small actions can you take to help the planet? This animated book provides kids and their families with some concrete answers.  (2021 / 3 mins / USA / dir. Sherene Strausberg / in English)

DUET – A kitten’s elderly owner teaches him to play the piano, but when she dies, she leaves a huge hole in the kitten’s heart. When her grandson learns to play the keyboard, it might help both of them heal from their loss.  (2021 / 5 mins / USA / dir. Yadid Hirschtritt Licht / no dialogue)

THE EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF BRUNA – A wind gust takes Bruna away from home but on the way back gets introduced to a lifelong friend who plays the accordion. (2021 / 7 mins / Spain / dirs. Marc Riba, Anna Solanas / in English)

GRUMPY TIME CLUB – Feeling grumpy? This music video is all about a magical social club where not only is it okay to be grumpy, it is a requirement. (2021 / 4 mins / USA / dir. Wishbone Zoe / in English)

KATU KATU – In this mix of live action and animation, a little caterpillar naps with his kitten friends before they wake to a day of adventure. Our first film from Lithuania! (2021 / 6 mins / Lithuania / dir. Giedrė Boots / no dialogue)

LITTLE CLOUDS – This musical fantasy based on a poem shows that like the clouds, everything in life is capable of change. (2021 / 2 mins / Russian Federation / dir. Liza Skvortsova / in English)

LITTLE SNOWMAN – A family of snow-people have an epiphany. Why are their noses limited to being only carrots? As they try other perfectly fine options the forest rabbits see a yummy opportunity. (2021 / 4 mins / Russian Federation / dir. Aleksei Pochivalov / no dialogue)

MY NAME IS FEAR – The personification of fear wants to prove that there’s no reason to reject him. He’s an emotion with purpose! (2021 / 6 mins / Germany / dir. Eliza Płocieniak-Alvarez / in English)

TAVI’S SONG – A child takes a magical journey to wake the moon on a cold winter night. (2021 / 6 mins / USA / dir. Wishbone Zoe / in English)

TRAILS OF THE MORNING – When the sun oversleeps, it falls to a little girl to wake him up. A touching tale of celestial friendship. Inspired by a poem of Andrée Chedid. (2021 / 3 mins / France / dir. Masa Avramovic / in French w/English subtitles)