First Impressions

Director(s): Multiple Directors
Country: Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Russian Federation, United States
Language: English, musical, or no dialogue
Multiple Film Types | 2024 | 65 minutes
Recommended for all ages (Parental Guidance: Appropriate for all ages.)

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Has your child attended a kids film festival before? If not, this is a great way to start, especially for the youngest ones.
(Multi-national / English or non-dialogue / 65 mins / All ages)

Films and film line-up are subject to change without notice.

BETWEEN WINGS AND SWINGS – Through an unexpected turn of events, a young girl must learn to let go. (2022 / 3.5 mins / Canada / dir. Yuyang Yan)

CAKE BALLAD- Charlie’s cake for his friend’s birthday comes out of the over with a bite taken out of it. The investigation is on! Charlie must search the forest for clues to find the culprit. (2022/4 min/ Germany/ dir. Meike Fehre/ English and German)

THE CHRISTMAS TREE SCHOOL- Cactus dreams of training at The Christmas Tree School. But no amount of tinsel can hide his prickly figure, and cacti aren’t allowed on Santa’s sleigh! Will he find a way to make his wish come true? (2023/ 8 min/ Russian Federation/ dir. Anastasia Makhlina/ non-verbal)

CITY BIRD- A young girl, Linden escapes the hustle and bustle of New York City to go on an adventurous bird walk with her grandfather. Their journey is chronicled through the eyes of the girl’s stuffed penguin, Marney who is determined not to let go of their city roots. A documentary that combines fantastical elements to show the beauty of nature and friendship. (2023/10.5 min/ USA/ dir. Adam Spreng/ English)

DORMOUSE- (Siebenschläfer) Bear wants to celebrate Dormouse’s birthday together, but Dormouse is asleep! And not just any sleep – hibernation. Did you know that the word “dormouse” is related to the word “dormant” because they sleep for almost 6 months at a time? Hopefully Bear’s cake will last through the winter until Dormouse wakes up! (2022/3.5 min/ Germany/ dir. Julia Ocker/ non-verbal)

I’M NOT AFRAID!- During a game of hide and seek Vanja leaves the bright living room and enters a dimly lit courtyard, which has far too many dark corners, weird shadows and strange noises. To overcome the fear, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger! (2022/ 7 min/ Norway/ dir. Marita Mayer/ German and Norwegian)

MAKE IT MYSELF- “Make it Myself” encourages kids to think about what they can make themselves, rather than buying new. The upbeat video is packed with energy, creativity, and concrete ideas for educational and sustainable projects. (2023/ 4 min/ dir. Melisa Smith/ English)

MEL FELL- One day, when Mama bird is away, Mel decides it’s time to learn to fly. She’s been in the nest long enough. Despite the fears of her cautious siblings, Mel takes to the sky…and plummets! But while a host of tree-dwelling animals tries to intervene, can Mel master the art of flight? ( 2022/ 7 min/ USA/ dir. Galen Fott/ English)

OUR PIGGY- (Naše prasátko) Our Piggy’s stuffed bear is the perfect playmate for pretending to make soup, visit the doctor’s office, or go to bed. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal? (2022/ 2 min/ Czech Republic/ dir. Jaromír Plachý/ Czech)

PUFFERFISH- (Kugelfisch) Pufferfish looks like the smallest fish in the big, scary sea – until PUFF! Bigger is not always better, Pufferfish learns, and friends may be nearer than you think. (2022/ 3.5 min/ Germany/ dir. Julia Ocker/ non-verbal)

ELEPHANT’S NEW BICYCLE- Elephant loves his new bicycle! But when his friends accidentally crash it, he discovers what he loves most of all! (2023/ 3 min/ USA/ dir. Stylo Moniker/ English)